Trout Spey Flies @ Headhunters. Sparrow Tying Video

Trout Spey Flies @ Headhunters. Sparrow Tying Video

Great Swing bite this week. And the fly that was on top of the list was this Sparrow. Runner up being the Carey Special. Included int he tip five is the leech. Black, olive weighted or not.

But this Gartside pattern is a hit with most of our Two Handed fans. It is popular in black, olive and tan.

Tie this one up for success on the Mo and on your local river.

Check out Jack Gartside’s comments about the origination, naming, and so forth here.

Happy Friday. A nice weekend ahead of us here in Craig. Hope you enjoy yours!

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  • Thanks for sharing. I am a big fan of Jack Gartside and this fly. I call it a Sparrow and tie it a little differently. A couple of years ago I had a marvelous visit with Dan Delekta from Beartooth Fly Shop in Cameron about this fly and Jack. Dan knew Jack personally and had lots of great stories. Dan gave me a couple of flies tied by Jack which are now prized possessions of mine.

  • The Sparrow and smallish sculpins are also killers for surprisingly big trout on smaller rivers here in Michigan. A good hard jolt! Live strong, smart and safe.