Troutspey Reels and Running Lines

There is always a lot of talk about running lines for trout spey rigs around the shop. Some like mono, and some like a coated running line. I think were at about a 50/50 split among our customers and staff. In the above video Braden talks about why you should probably choose a large arbor reel for monofilament running lines, if you’re in that camp. He also goes over some of our most popular trout spey reels for both mono and coated running lines.

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  • Some gentle feedback: the coiling mono is mostly due to the choice of mono, and mostly not the reel. No need at all for a large arbor IF you choose the correct mono. Try Zen Master Ken Sawada’s 35# Flatbeam and be delivered to cold and warm weather mono shooting nirvana….no coils.

    • Kind of a different issue Tim – “whats the best mono running line” – but a great point. We know that many choose to use some skanky stuff from the hardware store and sometimes we see it wound up like a telephone cord on some super small arbor reels. Good for decorating Christmas trees, however. I haven’t tried Ken Sawada’s flatbeam but it sounds like the goods… thanks for the tip.

      • Indeed it’s the goods…almost too good. And it kind looks like fly line! The hardcore swears by it.

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