Try the Dry Dropper Rig

Try the Dry Dropper Rig

Try the Dry Dropper Rig

Tired of chasing the bobber down the river? Don’t like deep nymhping? Want to break out on the edge? Like the looks a Parachute Adams drifting along peacefully next to the bank?

Then a Dry Dropper Rig is in your near future. Really the best of two worlds. You get to stare a dry for a bit with the added value of the dropper.

An insurance policy for your drift.

The dark side is that it is not a perfect equation. The dropper does hinder the drift of the dry somewhat. Enough for us to not do it? No, certainly not. But it does go the other way too. The dry does hinder the drift of the dry a bit as well. But if you are willing to forgive those minor inconveniences the dry dropper rig is for you.

I have been calling it the dry dripper rig for some time. Why? I think its cute. With the advent of the narrow bodied tungsten beaded mayfly patterns that are filing fly bins these days it is hard not to give this rig a shot. Two Bit Hookers, Little Green Machines, Peep Shows, and the like. S & M’s, Frenchie’s, and a plethora of fantastic dripper flies abound.

Check out the rig above. Not rocket science but this is an article and a  picture is worth about 37 words. Don’t be afraid to run it much longer than the diagram. You could run it up to 4′ or longer. It becomes more difficult to cast and drift the longer out you run it. But, you will find that perfect distance for you the Headhunting angler.

Caddis are out there. March Browns are out there. Chubby’s are out there. You better get out there and try it out.

Run it in on the bank lines and over those sunken islands. IT is sure a fun way to pass the afternoon along if you war to change things up. Who knows, you may get the brown trout of the summer!

Stop by the shop for an up to the minute dry dropper fishing report. Our fishy gang will help you in any way they can!!

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  • Hi guys. Love your photos! Keep it up!

    When I floated Craig to midcannon last week I noticed more erosion than in previous years, lots of muddy cliff like banks. Maybe I’m not too observant, but curious if your team noticed this and wondering what it’s from? Maybe winter ice or something. Just curious, seemed some sections were like a 1/2 mile of straight up mud on the banks. What’s the scoop? Thanks!

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