Tuesday. February.

Tuesday. February.

Tuesday. February.

Tuesday. February. Re-tooling. Re-fitting. Refining.

Summer will be here soon. Craig will be bouncin.’

Take the time to prepare your self and gear for when that happens.

Reminder: The fish don’t care that you got a new fly poole. They do care if you can cast.

I’d focus on the latter.

Then reward yourself @ Headhunters Fly Shop during your visit.


The ice is melting. Still lots of shelf ice on the lower half. Careful as icebergs can take you out. Watch yourself out there.


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  • But I really want a new pole! Specifically, I think I need one of those OPST 1004 Micro-skagit spey poles to really impress the fish. Do you guys have any? I’m thinking about driving over next weekend to buy myself a bday present. And to show off for the fish.

  • This year marks my 63rd fishing Montana, Mark. If you’re selling anything resembling a younger body I’ll be there tomorrow

  • William Sparklin
    February 26, 2021 2:05 pm

    Any word on what’s going on with the USGS real-time streamflow data? It’s showing the sensor reading at the Wolf Creek Dam getting up to 50° water temperature with these big temp swings and spikes everyday. Do you guys know if that’s really happening or are they just having sensor issues? Not sure if that’s even possible if they were pulling the warmest water from the lake.

    • We think the gauge is stuck out of the water. Yeah, the water temp is probably closer to 34-36F. Still shelf ice and icebergs around. Frozen up total on the lower still.

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