Tuesday Fishing Report 4.19.22

Tuesday Fishing Report 4.19.22

All good in the canyon this coming week. Does not look like much more snow but we are in the Rocky Mountain region. The Divide is within sight, and the weather can truly change within a matter of minutes!

Currently some snow on the ground in Craig but will disappear this week with mild seasonable temperatures and lows at night hovering around the freezing mark. Weather will continue to improve as we move through the remainder of this month and look May right in the eyes! Mayday is around the corner.

The weekend foreshadowing includes a few snow flakes, but daytime highs will be in the 50’s. Looking pretty nice.

The overcast skies will bring us the beginning of the spring mayfly hatch. BWO’s peeking out daily now and we hope that this will be a good one. Historically the fall BWO was always the better of the two events. But the past several years now the spring emergence has been the stronger of the two. We do not know which of the two we will witness, but we are dong the Baetis Dance daily!

Water temps currently 40.5F. Moved upwards about 1 degree this week. Will see that kind of movement for the next couple weeks until some of that warmer spring weather appears.

Flows are hovering around 3K. If we do not receive much more snow, the flows will remain about the same for the entire summer.

Flows at Prickly Pear are lower than average at about 50% YTD. Flows outta the Dearborn lower than normal as well at 25% of average. We should be seeing some more water from these tributaries this period. Bt we are not, because there is not much snow out there. No lower level snow. Not much mid level snow either. Higher level snow fields are thin. Gonna be low in 2022.

Normally snow is on the ground this week historically. This is the snow that will get us through the summer. But, alas, not this year.

BWO’s coming on. Some out this past week. We will hopefully see the crescendo begin to happen this week. Look for those sipping trout in your favorite mayfly region or run.

Flies that we love not he Mo include any great Cripple Pattern. CDC, poly posted/winged, or hair winged will all suffice. Find one that you can see and tie that baby on! Emergers are also an option. The classic CDC winged version gets th attention, but come buy and let us help you find your new favorite fly.

The nymphers are finding better days with the BWO nymph patterns as well. Shallow or deep this next month with either a split or not. Come in and see the always excellent fly selections at Headhunters where we are proud of our Best Flies Under the Big Sky. Acres of flies at Headhunters.

Strippers and Swingers are all about that FLASH! Dry lines and Intermediate tips for the bugger chuckers. Skagit and Scandi lines for the Trout Spey gang. The best in fly line options in the canyon, by a long shot, here in downtown Craig at your Missouri River customer service leaders. With the supply chain issues that all retailers are feeling, we suggest you make your fly line, soft goods, and hardwoods buying choices this spring. We are on your team. Letting the consumer know what is on the horizon is part of our mission.

Fly Shop open daily 8am-6pm. April is nearly beyond us. It will slip on by in a blink of an eye! Shuttles, guides, lodging, flies, Trout Spey HQ, updated blogs and fishing reports without fail.

Hey check out the recorded fishing report on our Mo River Fishing Report Hotline 406-235-3447 Ext 3. Yup, 2 to 4 minutes of our fishing report recorded at least weekly via your phone! Call it up and maybe, maybe you will find some sort of insiders info? Or not. But a lengthily comprehensive recorded fishing report for your pleasure.



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  • Stalcup Stillborn – killer. Quigley Split Flag – killer #2! Hoping the MO can survive these drought conditions. Brown trout numbers very concerning. Maybe it’s time to give this great river a serious rest.

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