Tuesday Fishing Report from Headhunters of Craig

Tuesday Fishing Report from Headhunters of Craig

Bulleted today…

Water Temps currently near 50F.

Water Flows Mo: 7360 cfs

Water Flows Dearborn River: 1040 cfs and falling. Currently. Cleaner than the last week. Looks like it could be fishable, on the MO, below the confluence today. Check it out and make your decision.

Water Flows Little Prickly Pear LPP: 521 cfs and falling 200cfs in the last two days. Not as much suspended dirt in the LPP and clearing nicely.

Dry Fly Bite: Morning and evening with the sun int he sky. More opportunities if the clouds obscure the sun. Midge is primary. BOW is secondary. Mo Day’s Caddis on the horizon. WIth the lower clearing up, we may have some soon, the goods, the dry fly bite. The Caddis. Yep. March Browns also nearing. Stop in for the best in March Brown patterns this side of Bozo. The other side too…Best FLies Under the Big Sky here at HH of Craig. Most boats, 97% are nymphing, lots of territory for the dry fly hunter. In a boat though.

Swingers: Pretty tough to step into a run. More difficult with the higher flows. But, deep tips on your Skagit rig will get the fly to the proper place. Get it there, keep it there. If no love, change flies.

Strippers: Deep too. Heavy tips with light or heavy flies. Sink tips in the type 3 range are common. Deeper if you dare. White, black, flashy. Then start again. Dali Llamas for sale at shop for $2. Get them today. Stock up. Come by and fill up some fly cups. Softer with medium speed on your mind as the water temps continue to climb on the annual spring increase.

Nymphers: Deep with split shot. B or BB shot. 6′-7′ to sows, worms, scuds, PT’s derivations, Euro BWO’s, pink sows, rainbow colored sows, Zebra’s. We have the best Euro selection for fly patters in the region. Get them narrow, heavy, and lacquered! Sinky, way fast, man.

Cool gear in the shop from Skwala, SIMMS, Orvis, NRS, Howler Bros, HH Logo Gear galore, hats, sunscreen, and fly lines to make your rod sing!

Want more HH Fishing Report info. Listen to the Fishing report, a different version, on the telephone. Just like the ski report once was. Call in to 406-235-3447 ext 3! 4 minutes of fly fishing report love!

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