Tuesday in Central Montana c/o Headhunters of Craig

Tuesday in Central Montana c/o Headhunters of Craig

Tuesday in Central Montana c/o Headhunters of Craig

Water temps holding well as they have just dipped below the 59F mark.

Flows at 4650, better than normal.

Weeds not too bad but there are some mega rafts of weeds that will take out wade fishermen if they are not cognizant of their surroundings, of said weed islands. Or Weed-Bergs. So, be careful.

A decent batch of any BWO’s Monday. Spoke with several groups of anglers and guides post fish Monday and…all agreed that fishing was good between 1-4pm. Not too god before, and awful after. That is the report from yesterday.

What will happen today? Who knows? The wind is forecast to blow really freaking hard.

Nymphing decent with Sows, scuds up top followed by small sows and mayfly nymphs below. Short or long. Or medium even. Find your depth and fish it well.

Dry fly? Good if you can find a couple in the sun and wind The bugs don’t stick too well to the water with sun and wind. About 7/10 sec.

Let’s hope the dry fly improves. It surely will. Some long time non-local locals here right now. They know where to find a few when pressed.

Streamer Bite? Decent. Hosting the RIO/Sage Group this next week and change. We will be tossing the streamer fly and swinging, followed by a dry fly session. If granted. Will report her on this page, later this week.

Not too many folks around. A nice time of year. Looks pretty soft into the middle of November, then all we will see is anglers we know. Personally. For 3 or 4 months.

Enjoy your Tuesday…

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  • Tannish SH’S size 14, 16 swung, twitched getting hit hard after lunch in runs below rifflesn. Don’t overlook the shallows with some current next to quicker water – just might hold a tank or two …. . Sculpins, craws will see a quick demise.

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