Tuesday January 8th Headhunters Fishing Report

Tuesday January 8th Headhunters Fishing Report

Tuesday January 8th Headhunters Fishing Report

When the wind dies down, it’s pretty nice out there.

More than one customer this past couple weeks has said that. And the wind did die recently. Yesterday quite blow-y. Today? Not as much but cooler.

Saturday was really nice. 46F, calm. And it fished alright too. Reports coming in from the day included good to not so good. Upon further conversation with the folks who did not get the net into the water often…fishing in water that had too much pace. Too fast. Riffles etc.

Lets talk about the Winter Method below.

  1. Fish slow water. Almost stopped. Any water that looks too sexy, like the stuff you fished in November and certainly July, stay away from that good looking water. Fish winter water. Slow and deep. Barely moving. Or don’t catch many.
  2. Fish slow water. So important that it is the top two on this method list.
  3. While nymphing fish deep. Those fish are on the bottom. They are not suspended like they are in the warmer months. Find water that does not feel right. Then you have found winter water.
  4. The water temps are 34F. That is cold. Fish do not behave or feed in the same manner they do in the summer months with water temps in the 60’s. Fish will not move for the fly, the nymph.
  5. Swingers fish the slower tailouts as well. Fish will move a distance for the steamer fly. A bigger meal. A fish will sacrifice a few calories to eat a slab of bacon. Fish the softer and deeper back ends of runs. Walk to the bottom end. Or fish through the good looking stuff quickly. Don’t waste too much time fishing bad water.
  6. Trout Spey anglers have been finding success with the flashy side. More flash. White, yellow, chartreuse. That sort of thing. Heavier tips coupled with bigger flies. Missouri River Trout Spey Winter Tactics.
  7. Winter is for Skagit Lines. Come in and let us help.
  8. No dry fly action yet. Stay tuned for the February midge? We are crossing fingers!
  9. PINK. Mostly pink nymphs. Some Zebra, small PT knock-offs like the Frenchie or Peep Show.
  10. Split or not. Your choice on the split shot. Most fish without split in the winter months.

Our Annual Spring Special is live. $400 Guide trips March 15th thru the end of April. Discounted lodging too. Talk to your friends and put a group together for a spring outing. Winter is long. Welcome spring with a trip to the Mo!

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