Tuesday January 9th Missouri River Fishing Report

Tuesday January 9th Missouri River Fishing Report

Tuesday January 9th Missouri River Fishing Report

No dry fly action.

Warm and windy here for the last several days with winter coming to greet us yet again this evening. More snow in the forecast. We love it. Bring more. More snow on the ground, more water.

At the Shop

A nice break this last week when we could actually get outside and enjoy, well, the out of sides. So with that leaving us we hope the trout fishing does not leave too. But, if it does there are so many more inside tasks to achieve we don’t mind turning our focus into planning, stocking, booking ’18 summer season.

Some good action at the shop and on the river this last weekend. A few shuttles, a number of wade anglers, the staff getting jazzed about the G Loomis IMX Pro Eleven Eleven as well as the Redington Hydrogen rods. Come by, try and buy. We are fully stocked with rods, reels, spey lines, accessories.

Ninch has been filling bins up the last couple weeks. We take our flies earlier than most as to not be left out, with-out later in the year. Having the best in flies, selection, and actually having them in stock is an important pillar ours here in downtown Craig MT.

On the River

Pink is the word on flies for the present. The Rainbow Czech had a good run too. A couple folks coming back mid-day to get a dozen more Rainbow Czech nymphs to finish the day on the water. We have a bundle of pink patterns. Lots. We are your winter fly fishing epi-center hub fishing the Missouri River.

The swingers and strippers were getting them on Black. Some with the leech, others with a baby Sculpzilla, and others with Smaller Dali Llama. Intermediate tips and a couple with the dry tip too.

Water levels have fallen as we shook that cold spell. Shelf ice everywhere. Towards the lower river ice has crowded the banks and some larger sheets of it are floating down the river. Beware. Water levels currently 4240cfs with the water temps at 34.5F. That is cold. Anything below 36F keeps those trout pretty sluggish. I would be too. That is cold.

Tuesday January 9th Missouri River Fishing Report

Fish the slow inside lanes and find the most bring nearly non moving bucket and get ’em in the water. That’s for the pink fly gang. Swingers find slower water with a ¬†structure point or shelf. Or speed can be a way to identify the correct water. That speed is…not too swift man.

That is all today on this Headhunters Fly Shop blog and fishing report. I did take a day off of the blog. It felt great. I may take another next week.

Enjoy the week ahead. Fantazise about your summer fishing trip.


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