Missouri River Fishing Report

Tuesday Missouri River Fishing Report 10.4.22

Tuesday Missouri River Fishing Report 10.4.22

All good this month. So far.

Flows at 3800cfs with the water dropping as forecast this week according to the DNRC. 3400cfs is what the forecasters state.

Water temps holding around the 60F.

A few days per month are overcast. A few are calm. A few days are great. You should be here for those days.

Dry Fly Bite: Good on days. Some days. Little mayflies come off in the afternoons. Some larger mayflies of the CB variety. Spinners and cripples. A few skittering caddis in the tan 14 varies. A few flying caddis of the orange variety size 10. Skitter it, if you can. If you dare.

Nymphers like sows and scuds and Zebras and BWO nymphs like the Little Green Machine, BWO Magic Fly, Two Bit Hooker, Lightening Bug, Ju Ju Baetis, French, Tung Jig TNT BWO, Pearl Rib Perdigon Black, GRHE and Tung Head GRHE, YFG Euro Punk. Tung Jig Nightmare PErdigon, Pat’s RL, Zirdle…

Strippers on the Flash. 

Swingers on the soft hackle and Scandi Lines. BWO soft hackle and leeches and Carey Special, Sparrow, North Platte Special…Squirrel Softie, Bombers.

Lodging and Guide Trips available as we move through this month. Pretty busy currently. Softens as the month progresses. If the fishing is good, there will be anglers around. If it goes south, so do the participants.

406-235-3447 for booking any trips etc. To talk to th shop as well.

You want a updated answering machine fishing report Ala the ski report style? 406-235-3447 ext 3. Dial it up. You may like it.

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