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Open daily here in downtown Craig Montana. Always.

Headed into the month of March and we are damn excited. More fishing as we move toward the summer. The sun is out longer, the air temps are reaching higher, the fish are happier.

Spring brings new products into the store and the most celebrated so far this spring has been the Orvis Helios fly rod. Yes, we too have them in stock. Come and check it out and cast the latest version of this top performing model. In stock today!

Check out our super cool sticker selection crafted in house and otherwise. New bobbers in store. Soft goods including the best in Skwala Waders, Raingerear, and Outerwear. Super warm and comfy Orvis Bootfoot waders!

And as always lots of new fly patterns at your Missouri River Fly Superstore! The best in selection as we stuff the bins full of your fav’s for the upcoming season. All the coolest new Euro patterns, expanded streamer and trout spey flies, and the best in technical dry flies on the banks of the Montana’s Missouri River.

Water temps around 35F. Water flows 3730cfs. Approx. 70% of YTD snowfall.

Swingers and strippers are getting them on leeches. Flashy bigger flies as well. Sink tips and Skagit Tips are the key to getting to the depths and locations that the winter trout are located.

Rule #1: If the trout does not see the fly, he does not eat the fly. The fish has gotta see the fly!

Many disregard this essential rule in fishing. Often.

Don’t forget about the deal, where the target must see the food source. It is cold, fish do not live on the rip rap banks in the winter. They do not live anywhere near the good looking water. Not even close to that spot you caught the biggest hopper eater of ’23. It is winter. The water is cold. The fish are not terribly active. It is not summer and do not apply warm weather techniques during the winter session if you want to catch trout regularly.

Decent midge fishing this February and March. Better than average. Clusters, small singles, droppers. Can be frustrating attempting to tangle with these non-conformist type of rising and feeding trout. Generally seems to be not one repeatable action from any of these winter midging trout. Come on by and we will get you square for the day ahead.

Nymphers are dunking the Zebra midge on all flavors, tiny Euro midge patterns, Amex, Rainbow Czech, Bubble Yum, Firebead Ray Charles, Tailwater Sow. Nymphers still concentrating on slower deer darker buckets. Or you can fish the faster stuff for fun and may pick one up. Not the water where you want to focus on the catching part. Deeper, slower, darker. Repeat.

Many like to fish the faster waters of winter. Many like to play the Lotto. About the same kind of thinking gets you to fishing in quicker paced waters. Sure, fish away. Spend lots of money on the Lotto. Get after it. Row up the quicker water and do it again. Buy more Lotto tix. Or, fish the waters that more fish live and recreate in. Slower, deeper, darker. But, do what you wanna do man. Simply parameters for catching more fish presented here.

Happy here in Craig. See you soon. Open daily. Lots of fly lines in stock and ready to mate with your fly reel(s). Come in and see the new Helios.

Your Trout Spey Fly Shop in Craig Montana.

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