Tuesday Missouri River How it Works High Water Nymphing Tech

Tuesday Missouri River How it Works High Water Nymphing Tech

Tuesday Missouri River How it Works High Water Nymphing Tech

The top tips for the high water period this week fishing Montana’s Missouri River in Craig Montana. Brought to you from your fly fishing source on the Mighty Mo Headhunters of Craig.

  1. The fish are in softer water. The margin is what I call it. 7wt. calls it the curb. The space between the fastest and slowest currents. Find that zone and fish it.
  2. Use split shot to get the flies down. Move it up and down. Space it 2′ from the top fly or closer. Longer makes it tomahawk a bit. I used to put it much closer. Now, I seem to go longer.
  3. Move the bobber up and down. If you are not seeking the bottom you are too short. If you are not losing flies occasionally you are too short…or afraid. Don’t fish afraid man.
  4. Toss the short rig into the shore. Flirt with danger. If you are not losing ties you are afraid of danger…and catching them.
  5. If you are nymphing inside-out keep the flies close to the boat. The fish are holding on the drop. Or just off.
  6. The boats have spread out. Top to bottom. Why not fish on down there to Cascade? Lots of high water lines.
  7. You can come after lunch and start your afternoon dumping your drifter in the Mo. Wait for the rest to fade downriver. Then come in for the kill. Headhunters does shuttles all day long. We have the right flies too. Our split shot selection will blow you freekin’ mind.

Hey. Sterling Bridge will give you trouble. At 16K it is trouble. We are nearly there. I’d be careful. Why not take the life jackets out of storage and mount on your seats. Why not. Safety is important. No trout is worth capsizing your craft.

Enjoy the week ahead.

  • The fish are biting well.
  • A good consistent river will greet you.
  • It is high. It is fine. IT will remain high all the way through June. Honest. No, it will not come down next week. It won’t. Nope. No way.
  • It is fishing well.
  • No dry fly.
  • Some streamer love.
  • No swinging.
  • No wade fishing. Except up near the dam. An a few hold outs. The water is 3′-4′ higher than normal.
  • Izaak’s Wednesday-Sunday. Trout Shop Cafe nightly. Shotgun Annies open in WC. A couple bars with burgers in Cascade.

Call for up to the minute reports. Your information leaders for all things Missouri River. Headhunters Fly Shop and Guide Service.

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  • Hi guys! Coming into town for work 3-10 June. MO looking BIG. Any suggestions?

    • Yes. Read the last 25 blog posts. Clearly outlined in our daily blog and fishing reports. Follow the tips in this very blog Tuesday Missouri River How it Works High Water Nymphing Tech. Those are the honest and real suggestions. If you need more call the Missouri River Fishing Hotline at 406-235-3447 from 7am til 8pm Mountain Time. When you arrive stop in and we will build you rigs, walk you through the nymphing high water game, and send you off into the wild water world.

      We can’t wait to meet you!

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