Tuesday Mo River Update 11.16.21

Tuesday Mo River Update 11.16.21

Tuesday Mo River Update 11.16.21

Open Wednesday November 17th 8-10am. Closed the remainder of the day for a Shop Fishing Day.

Windy today. Not too bad tomorrow with lighter winds and fishable conditions. Although there are a few out there today getting some fishing in, between the guests.

Flows 3K. Temps 47F. Stable.

Water conditions pretty good. No weed issues that many ask about. Not too many bugs out there which leads us to the Valhalla period of Swing Fishing as the fish become more interested in the swung fly as the insect diet diminishes for those trout.

Not too good of the dry fly feller. But that ship has pretty much sailed here in Craig. Yo can certainly bump into a localized hatch with BWO’s or Midge. Yep, that can happen. Stop and make a few casts if you do see it. It may be the only time all day, or week.

The bite has tapered a touch as the insects are leaving for the winter months. But that does bode well for the Sow and Scud Clan. Lots of action there. Still 2′-4′ from bobber to bottom fly. Leave the split off if you wish. Most are. But if you like to scrape the bottom with a sow bug by all means, get it on there.

Troughs, trenches, the fast type of water for the nymph gang. Not the slow inside stuff yet. After the new year we will preach that sort of fly application.

Streamer and swinger anglers are enjoying both flashy and not so flashy patterns. Some are still loving the top couple feet of water, others are reaching below with heavier sink tips or Skagit tips. All are happy right now. With the water temps cooperating it is a great time to wear your  arm out stripping a streamer. Or to learn a new discipline like Trout Spey. Come see us at HH for a lesson or guide trip this fall or winter!

Enjoy your week. We certainly are here in Craig Montana. Call us or stop in for any Q’s. We have the Mo River trout fishing answers!

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