May Higher Water Report

Tuesday Mo River Water Update 5.2.23

Tuesday Mo River Water Update 5.2.23

Rising water levels throughout the state including the Mighty Mo.

Currently 6K. The Dearborn blown. Fishable below the confluence? Maybe. Pretty dirty. The lower reach? Yeah, probably would work. Little Prickly Pear tossing bit of color as well. Again, some dirt coming out of this one.

Turbid in Craig. Visibility in the 2′-3′ range.

Remember that this is yesterdays report. Yesterdays news. Do not believe that this is what is happening to day, currently, this moment. A fishing report, or water report, covers what has happened fellas, already. Water under the bridge, so to speak!

BWO’s stronger everyday.

Midge, ubiquitous.

Not as many bent rods yesterday in my observations. Tougher as the water levels are 50% higher than at 4K. That is  more water. More water to hide, hole up, hunker down. Do trout gotta eat? Yep.

So the river is shorter today. Be polite out there. Be cool man. Remember that not everyone is nymphing. Some anglers may need a bit of space. That is how you would like it too. Guides need to be aware and give space to others. Rec anglers can do the same. No reason to float 12 miles with a nymph rig, and run over those posted up casting at rising rout, or streamer fishing, or swinging in a run. Floating 12 miles, and you gotta run over any anglers lane, when you got 280 feet of water on the other side of said angler. When I see that I gotta believe that that guide, or rec angler needs that 150′ badly. They must, if the boatsman cannot back off for 150 feet? Must need those trout pretty badly to rain on another’s parade. Just be polite, and smart, and pro. Please.

There you have it. An update on the water. 5K-10K for the next 6 weeks. Spoke with Stephanie Micek, who controls the knobs at Holter Dam, and that is what she stated. Saturation in our ground, in the dirt, so the water that comes off the hills and mountains goes to the river, not to the ground. Mid and high level snows still on the ground. None has come off yet. It is coming. Lows at night that do not dip below 40F continue the melt throughout the night.

A full report as the water projections will be released later this week after the monthly water meetings today at thee board level. When we receive that data, we will give you the full update for the month of May later this week. The definitive water report here on Your Information Source for Montana’s Missouri River. 

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