Tuesday Montana’s Missouri River Fishing Report

Tuesday Montana’s Missouri River Fishing Report

Just the facts today on the fishing report authority here in central Montana.

Flows: Tuesday nite 11700cfs. Fell 2300 cfs today. More later? yeah, probably. No word yet, but we will of course keep you up to date here on the local information source.

The dam operators said a couple months ago, flow 5-10K through the 3rd week of June, unless there is a rain event.

Weather variable through the next week as well. Normal June weather in the Rockies!

It’s green. The hills. The water is clear. Some color below the Dearborn. Not enough to deter the veterans out there. Those fickle at heart? Fish upriver.

PMD’s off daily. Cripples are key for the next week. And good drifts. First Clue to Catch More: When you aim at a deer, how many shots do you make near, or at the deer before he spooks? Draw the parallel to trout fishing for top water feeders. Lightbulb?

Caddis flitting around as well. Have popped a few on the caddis dry this past week too.

Dry fly anglers looking for lower water along with soft spots. Search and you will find.

Nymphers deep still. The water change has the fish confused. And the guides have been changing depth, flies, and encouraging the mend during this water period. Mayfly nymphs, caddis nymphs, I see the Zirdle going out too soon from the shop, worms. Keep changing until you find the lucky fly. Been more difficult for many in these flows.

Strippers not so good in the sun. Bring back the overcast skies!

Dearborn fishable at a bit lower flows. And when it clears a bit, we and others will be back on this local gem.

Blackfoot has Salmonflies. HH guides in the rafts the last couple weeks on both of these freestones. Book your Mo river trip, and a day on one of the tributaries too!

Headed into the busiest 7 weeks of our year. Lots of anglers around. With the lower flows and hotter air temps the splash and giggle gang will hatch from GF and Helena.

Flows will recede. They have to. When? Ohh, this month or next.

Call 406-235-3447 ext 2 for a current fishing report.

Or 406-2350-3447 ext 3 for a 4 minute recorded fishing report.

Open daily 630am.

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