Tuesday Trout Spey

Tuesday Trout Spey


Tuesday Trout Spey

Starting off with 10F and light snow this morning. Not a good day for tossing the Trout Spey.

You may get a couple casts off between breaking ice from the guides. Maybe.

The good news is the weather is breaking for the weekend ahead. Daily air temps will be resting int he mid 40’s. Good winter fishing weather.

New Trout Spey Gear arriving at the shop daily. Rods, lines, tips, leaders, accessories, and flies! Most of our winter here on the river is consumed with Trout Spey speak.

Or nymphiyng. Lots of pink talk as well.

Fishing the past week has been fair. Not great, not terrible.

Water temps just above the freezing mark. As cold as it has been the entire winter. The fish are searching for winter sweaters.

Flows about 4K. Low and cold.

See us this weekend for anything you need for the Mighty Mo!

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