Monday Tying Kits Half Chicken

Monday Tying Kits Half Chicken

A local classic that I first saw fishing with Mark Daly and LT back in the day. Don’t know who created it, but one of those two certainly had their hands in it. Both long time Mo River anglers and two of Squeeky’s influences for sure. Learned a ton about the river from both of those cats.

Tie this up for any PMD, caddis, or even March Brown action this coming summer. It begins to produce this month in conjunction with the Mother’s Day Caddis.

Fish it. Do it. Buy it. Tie it.

More Headhunters Just Add Vise kits on the way soon. 7wt. and John have been hashing out some new favorites. We can’t wait to see the next evolution of this famous Craig Montana product homegrown from your information and education source on the Missouri River.

Our JUST ADD “VISE” fly tying kits are super popular. These kits are designed for tyers who have grasped the basic moves of fly tying, and are priced just as if you bought the materials individually. The package comes with everything needed to tie 2 dozen flies, and has a material list included so you can re-supply when needed. You can watch our short “how-to” videos if you need help with a step or two. These are super popular, and are great for those camped out on the Missouri River pr in their living rooms watching golf, or baseball, or something your wife loves?

Check out the Half Chicken on our online store. Or check out the category for all of your fly tying love straight outta Craig MT.

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  • Mark (Daly) showed me that fly down The Captain’s house (Op used to call it Camp Misfit when me and Amos were there). I named it as in, I see that fly so clearly it looks like a half chicken floating down. Didn’t work here though so I had to copper rib it and used dark dun CDC. Then they ate it like candy. Check out Fish or Die on Animal Planet Network. Jumping the shark??

  • Mark – how do you like to fish this fly? As a trailer behind a sighter dry? Dead drift on the surface? Swing like a SH? That white wing – spook fish? Thanks!

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