Tying Ninchs Bubble Yum Scud

Tying the Bubble Yum Scud

When you think about the Mighty Mo, and nymphing, you think of scuds, sows, and in the winter months…Pink!

Ninchs…I looked up how to make last names plural, so I think this is right…Bubble Yum Scud today on the HH Blog.

Check this baby out. It has a heavy tungsten bead to get you to depth rapidly. And if you are not a fan of using split shot to get your flies into the zone, you will love the Bubble Yum. It’ll get you there.

A guide fly for sure as this is commonly a pattern that lives on the upper end of many Missouri River full-timers nymph rig.

Scuds catch fish on the Missouri River. And many other similar resources around America.

Get this kit for your Holiday tying sessions!

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  • I think it’s possessive rather than plural. So maybe Ninch’s Bubble Yum Scud. I mention this because I’ve noticed that you tell job applicants that you are finicky about proper grammar on resumes and cover letters. :

    • Love it Michael! Made me laugh! Changed it already on the blog. Yeah, mind jumbled at the time of writing. Early, at 10am! Thankfully, as I have mentioned previously , I already work here. Those resumes that we will see shortly better be perfect! A double standard? Yep, of course. Appreciate your comment!!!

  • Michael Huntly
    December 12, 2019 5:49 pm

    Figured you had a sense of humor, cuz most folds don’t take seriously.

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