Tying Tuesday @ Headhunters of Craig

Tying Tuesday @ Headhunters of Craig

The Sparrow is a fly that flat out works.

Commonly swung through Missouri River Trout Spey runs.

Or employed with a single hander while fishing the RIO Single Handed Spey Line. Squeeky’s favorite single handed line for fall skinny water weed bed hovering, plucking, surprising, sneaking, stalking…

An easy caster, true feel, solid hook-ups. A line that makes me forget I’m tossing a streamer line.

Honest, that line is fantastic. Try it. You’ll like it. Line technologies continue to impress me. Whether it be from the gang in Idaho Fall or east of us in Michigan. While rod technologies move forward I could argue that fly line tapers, technologies, and applications are moving at a breakneck pace.

Whoa! Off track per usual. The Sparrow. Tie it. Fish it. Love it.

Plus how cool is it at the bar when asked what you were using out there today to state confidently…

A Sparrow Bro’.

This Jack Gartside pattern has fooled tons of fish. While fresh patterns will catch not only our eyes but the trout out there, classic patterns like the Sparrow never fall from style. So many of the current fly patterns incorporate flashy tunnel like synthetics. Not the Gartside Sparrow. Just the like the most classic of streamer patterns, ie Woolly Bugger, this fly hangs onto fame without contemporary bling.

After learning how to tie the pattern you can implement any color scheme you desire. Like the October Caddis would look dazzling to those trout with autumn caddis interests. Yummy!

The Sparrow is part of our extensive proprietary Fly Tying Kits line Just Add Vise. Check out all of the Just Add Vise Kits that include enough hooks, materials, and video to tie 25 flies!

Come by the shop and check out the Missouri River Canyons best trout spey fly selection. There is no comparison in the Tri-County region.

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