UMOWA Annual, Fishing Report, and Water Update

UMOWA Annual, Fishing Report, and Water Update

UMOWA Annual Meeting tonight in downtown Craig at the Firehall 6-9pm with free food. Auction items as well as they let us know the Missouri River State of the Union. Love to see you there. Check out their website and donate to your favorite river today!

Check out these two killer blogs from Braden about the latest in bugs and water quality. Worth the read for sure!

The fishing report is good. Fish still rising at 12K cfs and will continue to until the water levels pass the 13K mark. Or so I like to think so. The last time the water was high, 2011, the fish rose at the 13K level and of course below. So we do not think the flows will go much beyond what we have right now. But that is speculation and some conversation with Clayton at the DNRC. Stephanie Micek was out of the office on Friday so he said he was punting, and let us know that he does not think the reminder of the snow will affect out flows here on the Mighty Mo.

While it does drain, the Mo, 13,000 miles of land, most of the snow is off the hillsides.

Although the image above lets you know that we are still well above average snow on the ground. But I am confident in the abilities of the CNRC and their science, or art. I know that it is a difficult position to be in and the guessing of the water flows int he near, and long term, future.

That was the update on the water report from us here at Headhunters. We may see less water int he next couple weeks as the DNRC states that the irrigation needs will increase, decreasing the inflows at Toston, and decreasing the outflows at Holter. So, what we can hope for is a flush of 15K, followed by a decrease in flows to below 12Kcfs.

Fishing Report. Good. Fish rising at this flow on bank lines and in side channels. PMD’s and caddis rule the day. Just because the primary bug is the PMD right now it does not mean that the caddis will not get bit!

Nymphers all about the big fly up top like a crawfish, rubber leg, PT, GRHE, Prince, worm, scud, zonked, bugger, leech…and the lower being something tiny and diminutive. You know, all the techy small stuff.

7am daily for all your river needs. Keep us in mind for shuttles, the best in fly selection, info, rods from SAGE, Orvis, Epic Glass, Echo, Loomis, Fenglass, and more. Reels galore, by far the best in fly line selection with over 1000 fly lines in stock, rot gut coffee, and so much more here in downtown Craig Montana.

BBQ on Monday afternoon here at the shop.

UMOWA meeting tonight. See you there.


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