Upper Missouri River Watershed Alliance Video

Upper Missouri River Watershed Alliance Video

The new video from Upper Missouri River Watershed Alliance.

Snowing here in Craig today.

This video shot in early August. It was warmer then.

Hey if you are looking for organizations to donate monies to this year, we would like you to consider donating to UMOWA. Your watershed, your fishery, needs your help.

Or a simple membership. It’s cheap, and you can feel good about the Mighty Mo.

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  • Mark
    Thanks for posting this. Great organization that does important work. My only question. How many takes did it take to get your segment casting. I’d like to think my contributions to UMOWA are not going to endless edit loops! Have a good one.

    • Hah! Thanks Sal. One take. Did my portion in a morning session August 4th. The remainder shot in 2 other sessions. No donated monies were used to produce or pay for this video.

  • What a beautiful video!……It truly captures how we all feel about the Missouri River.UMOWA is doing heroic work….Thanks for this post Mark

  • Mark – thanks for sharing our video… we really appreciate your and everyone’s support of our mission to understand, conserve and enhance the upper Missouri watershed.

    Kevin Cumley
    UMOWA Board Member

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