Use your gas savings for fly fishing stuff!

Reduced gas prices this last month around America. Sounds like additional drops in fuel prices as we move deeper into the winter. states that the average US gas prices to drop below $3.00/gallon for the 1st time since 2010. They also state that this is the longest consecutive decline in gas prices since 2008.

Those are stunning facts. What’er gonna do with the all the extra dollars in your pocket?

If you save X dollars a week by saving $0.30/gallon at 25 gallons a whack totals $7.50. $30/month, $360/year.

What can you do with $360 fly fishing dollars? Here are a few ideas below. Feel free to add your own into the mix…

Hire a fly fishing sherpa or fly fishing concierge service. My plan has always been to employ this idea. You don’t want a guide but you like to have let’s say certain tasks performed before you arrive at the river?

A fly fishing concierge would…

  • Launch your boat for you.
  • Prepare the ice box. Your YETI would be pre-cooled and filled with your preferred assortment. Perrier, a nice yet varied selection of macro brews,a dn a flask of your favorite single malt scotch.
  • Rig the rods. 1 dry, i streamer, and 2 nymph rods. New leaders and tippets daily and clean fly lines.
  • Lunch. I like a selection of cheeses and meats. Crackers. Like a water cracker and a Ritz. Love a Ritz. Salami’s, prosciutto, smoked ham, a smoked cheddar, a soft French too. Pickles, capers, olives, pepperoncini’s. You know. The good stuff.
  • At the end of the trip you would just pull up the boat on shore and leave it for the concierge to pick up and clean, preparing for the next days voyage.
  • Perfect. Lower the stress level of preparing for the day. Your concierge would see to it that your fishing day was as pleasurable as possible.

Casting Lessons

Casting lessons make you better!

Not as exciting as the fly fishing concierge service but probably more practical.A few casting lessons scattered throughout the year to get you to the point you want to be at this coming fly fishing season.

Some may want instruction for their upcoming saltwater trip. Others may want help with their tuck cast or any of the slack line trout casts.

Find the one who fits your learning style. This is important. Not all instructors are right for all individuals.

Then practice. Use the rest for a new fly line to treat yourself at the end of the process. You will also have more fun fly fishing because you will have more success! EZ dollars to fun conversion. Easy!

New Reel

Many fly reels are priced int he mid 300 range. A Nautilus, a SAGE, an Orvis, an Ebay find. Your choice. Get yourself some fly fishing jewelry with your gas savings.

Several New Fly Lines

Toss the old cracked and not slippery lines into the garbage bin. You will be happier every time you cast for the next year. Can’t remember when you replaced the fly line on your SAGE Z-Axis? Your Sweetwater Bamboo Classic? Need to upgrade your line for your new Loomis NRX LP? You should answer yes to all of the above.

The best thing beyond a casting lesson for you fishing improvement in the year 2015 ahead is to replace your fly lines.

Just do it. Smiling anglers, you, is what a new fly line will deliver.

An Upgrade on your next Guide Trip

Go solo?

What kind of upgrade am I speaking about? Well, I’ll tell ya. Getting rid of that annoying fishing partner of yours who commonly hogs your water and thinks it is your fault!¬†That is the only upgrade you need for fly fishing Nirvana. That $360 in gas savings can get you into a guide boat by yourself. Buy him, your asshole buddy, out of the equation.

Yet another way to smile.

P.S. If you like your fly fishing buddy, that is cool. Keep him in the boat.nJust use the money to tip your guide more. Everybody smiles! He likes new fly lines too!

Mish-Mash Fly Fishing Money

  • A partial fly rod
  • A down payment on your trip to the Missouri River
  • Lodging deposit for the Craig Trout Camp
  • A few dinners at Izaak’s
  • 7 rounds for the house @ Joe’s Bar
  • A rental car for the week fishing
  • A new kids rod by ECHO. The perfect gift for your fly fishing protege. $180 for the entire package rod, reel, and line @
  • A YETI Cooler
  • 2 Pair of Polarized sunglasses. Smith or Costa. Your choice. One for each season.
  • New SIMMS Waders. Or at least half of the cost. Stay dry and warm this coming year. Quality waders are worth their weight in gold. Is this the year for new waders?
  • 1 Howler Bros Gaucho shirt, dinner for 4 at the taco cart, a couple glow in the dark tarpon lures, a 24 pack of Corona’s, $4/gas, a good lantern, and a GoPro 3 camera. Produce night bridge fishing video in the Keys jumping big tarpon parlaying your fame into really nothing of value except for several hangovers in the future…if you are grasping at straws?!

Just a few ideas for all that dough you won’t be spending at the pumps this winter. Prices are bound to sky rocket as we approach the summer of 2015. You know another good idea is to buy your airline tickets for your fly fishing trips this coming summer in the winter. Cheaper flights? Take advantage of the drop in gas pricing this year and Use your gas savings for fly fishing stuff!



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