UV Para Ant Just Add Vise Tying Kit

UV Para Ant Just Add Vise Tying Kit

UV Para Ant Fly Tying Kit

The ant is a popular fly for the Missouri about 6 months of the year. Those who do not believe in the nat, that is OK. Ant believers are using the net more often! Both cinnamon and black ants are on the trout diet list! Blind fish it, sight fish it, just fish it to those finicky Missouri River risers!

What a great time of year to tie up some summer flies. February is not all that great for being outside, other than skiing! So if you like to hang out in your basement, in front of the TV, or at your work desk tying up some “summer love” be sure to include the UV Para Ant!

These kits are designed for tyers who have grasped the basic moves of fly tying, and are priced just as if you bought the materials individually.

The package comes with everything needed to tie 2 dozen flies, and has a material list included so you can re-supply when needed. You can watch our short “how-to” videos if you need help with a step or two. These are super popular, and are great for those camped out on the Missouri River or camped out binge watching Leave it to Beaver.


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  • I once watched a shallow bank holding brown turn and chase a current dragging ant downstream and take it.

    Color me SOLD on ants!

  • This ant pattern is great on many Montana rivers and “cricks”. I used the kit several times each year to replenish the fly box.

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