Wade fishiing the Missouri River

Wade fishing the Missouri River

A great year to wade fish the Missouri River. Low flows have allowed the wade angler to access a ton of fishy water.

Dry fly guys are happy that they can wander and find noses, sometimes a lot of noses.

Those who have been attending the dry fly services on the Missouri for some time are privy to lots of cool spots. And how to get there.

If you are the type of fellow who likes to approach targets on foot, then come on out.

August is a slower month for anglers as many folks are historically fishing other waters. This year? Not so much. Either hot weather has closed the river or they are on Hoot Owl restrictions. or they are closed due to fires.

Neither is the case here here. The water temps are holding well and the flows are creeping upwards.

Come out and enjoy the Missouri in this lower flow year. You’ll like wade fishing here. It’s easy. No slippery bowling balls…we all got stories of wading on No Tell ‘Um Creek and taking a plunge…


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