Wading through March! Thursday Fishing Report

Wading through March!

While many are out there chasing the bobber, albeit slowly, the remainder are swinging the fly through Missouri River runs with success. Yes, the swing can be quite good as we wade through MARCH!

Swingers are getting them on the leech. Although many are swinging the olive patterns along with even more flash too! The preferred type of Skagit tip is currently the IMOW 5×5 or the SA Skagit TC Tips like the Int/S2/S4 to the Int/S1/S2. Some even tossing the full 8’10’ T-8 tip. Got get the flies to the fish. Skagit System allows you to get it there and know, yes know where the flies are shining. Right in the kisser!

Headhunters has tons of Swing Flies in stock and ready for you to introduce them to the trout! The knowledge at HH of Craig coupled with the best in Trout Spey Guides, killer gear from SA, RIO, Orvis, OPST, Sage, ECHO, ACR, and more! YEs, the mainstay of Trout Spey on the Mighty MO! Stop in and we will help! Q’s about flies, where to swing, how to swing, and what to swing!

Nymphers are not wading yet. Mostly boat type of drifts. The fish are spreading out as the water temps slowly creep higher. Pink is still hot! Regular colored flies coming soon!

The dry fly gang is catching a few. Yes, the midge are happening. Still. Morning, noon, and afternoon, and evening. Not too choosey yet. they Will g4t there. Not any mayflies as of yet to report. Check out the new Edition of the Headhunter Fly Line. Updated coating and core. Will talk about it soon! But, until then, spin one up on your dry fly roll for Mo River Excellence! P.S. A fly line that people purchase again and again! In Stock today!

Bootfoot waders in stock as well for those who have recently realized that winter and spring wade fishing require the boot foot wader type to keep perfectly warm! Yes, come ain and get out there, warmer than you were previously.

Shuttles daily. Yes, not occasionally, daily. Shop open daily. Free info, daily…

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