Wednesday Fishing Report Haiku by Ricky

Wednesday Fishing Report Haiku by Ricky

Swinging is Rad now

Big Browns are eating Streamers

Fall Trout are Hungry


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  • Gotta wonder how those fish survive with jaw mandible gone….they are wary but they don’t remember the last time fooled by a fly……are trout as “smart” as we think they are?

  • that’s a pretty severe nail injury … just tear the loose bit off with pliers

  • Seekinghumility
    September 29, 2021 6:43 pm

    The Voice of Now

    Sitting on a bank overlooking a river overlooking a mountain overlooking a blue sky, I am waiting for company to arrive…

    To move away from and gently set aside yesterday and tomorrow, to accommodate and give a voice to now…

    A familiar voice known only by me surfaces from within, and like a waiter at a five star restaurant begins to orderly and without thought set a table of hopes, expectations and dreams…

    Why do you love the rivers and mountains and sky above thee the voice of now questions me?

    This voice of now sits with me on each riverbank I visit, this voice awakens only in these moments when my eyes see all and my mind is free from judgement, unlocked from the pain and awareness of the truth of my life’s imperfections….

    This voice of now seeks to connect and guide me to the answere, as if like a second grade teacher reciting multiplication tables, the answere can be memorized and in turn become part of me….

    The answer is so easy to feel, but like a newborn infants singular desire to be held and loved by a mother’s touch,often escapes explanation …

    And while the voice of now is quite I pause and look from within to the outside to all that surrounds me…..

    I am surrounded by a frame of nothingness generated by the grandest views of a clear blue sky, mountain sides enveloped in bright intense gold shimmering light flowing into a moving body of brilliant clear blue water…there is no room for judgment here… the nothingness of beauty is too full for more….

    These mountains must be watched as they inevitably tire like all things of beauty, and slowly the light gives way to the appearance of growing bands of cooling shade which appear as tho exhaled breaths of mountain stress easing those near into a symbiotic state of wellness and renewed strength….

    Each river I acquaint has a voice, always kind and gentle, and it speaks to and holds conversations with the voice of now….

    The rivers voice is clear, there is no room within the beauty of rivers who befriend mountains and blue sky for the pains of yesterday and fears of tomorrow … there is the now … there is unconditional love from thee to thee…

    The conversation from within wanes, and I begin to hope and dream of visitors to this emerald flat surface all around me…. to see a “ring within the rise” and nothing more…

    I am full of gratitude, peace and calm, and I want of nothing …. an answere perhaps the answere my voice of now has always known …

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