Wednesday Fishing Report July 1st 2020

Wednesday Fishing Report July 1st 2020

Wednesday Fishing Report July 1st 2020

Water headed up today 1K. Water levels heading up tomorrow 1K.

The dry fly fishing was holding on as we held on to the 10K levels. Yesterday with water levels heading upwards the fishing slowed. Dry fly fishing. The nymphing strong. as water levels head upwards today we expect the dry fly fishing to slow even further.

And that is how it goes. Water levels dictate our dry fly bite. The water just gets too high for the fish comfort level. Find shallow center river bars, islands, and soft edges for your dry fly success.

Caddis flies, PMD’s, and clusters are all having some success. Check with the staff at the shop for the very latest in the dry fly game.

We expect the DFO base to be down this week. Next week? Game on, we hope!

The nymph bite is strong. 7′-8′ to one or two split with Caddis Pupa and PMD nymphs. Yellow Sally’s in the canyon, when you can get back down there, as the Dearborn has it pushed out for another day or two.

Worms? Probably.

Headed into a nice time here on the Mo with long time Mo River anglers returning for the July session.

We have great openings late in the month along with Swiss cheese holes scattered throughout the month ahead so give us a shout if you want to get in on some of the fishing we have infant of us. Julie is ready to take your booking at 406-868-5473.

The water will come down shortly as they water managers evacuate the flood pool and push the water through the system.

The weather looks good for the foreseeable future. Summer time in the Montana state of mind.

Shop open daily at 7am. Lodging and guides available. DEMO Rod sale, the best flies under the big sky, face masks from Black Strap and more, the Headhunter Dry Fly Line, HH Logo gear and everything you will need for a great day not he Mo!


Wednesday Fishing Report July 1st 2020
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  • Dear Lord, a hatchery fish?!?!?!?!

  • Wowza! My son sent me the Instagram first thing. I’m too old for Instagram so he keeps me in the loop. I sent the image and story to Craiglandia regular Bill O and many others but the best response was from Jerry, my pal with whom I went down the Mo with Kurt Michales a few weeks ago. We landed some terrific fish that day. Out of this world day. But Jerry’s reaction is pure Montana: “Now, there’s a story that will be retold many, many times! And the brown will get bigger and bigger! It was bound to happen! Don’t you just love it?!“ We do! And that other worldly home water that harbors such miraculous gifts. Nice going!

  • Thom Gonzalez
    July 1, 2020 9:29 pm

    Thanks for the blog info and all of your videos online. Me and my ball and chain are heading up from Denver, to visit relatives that recently inherited a spread in Cascade that backs right into the Missouri River. We’re leaving at 2am Thursday and hope to stop by your shop before you close. We’ve fished in Deckers, Cheeseman Canyon, the Dreamstream, the Yampa, the Elk, the Big Thompson and most of the other Colorado waters. That being said, we’re super jazzed for the opportunity to experience fly fishing in Montana. Being a retired Green Beret, I thoroughly appreciate the serenity, solitude and beauty that the Missouri offers…….as was shown on all of your vids. I’m looking forward to stopping in Craig to pick up some Missouri gear and saying hi. Note: I would like some awesome flies for myself but you have to give my parasitic better half p.o.s. flies because I want to win our not so friendly fly fishing competition.
    Thom and Jen

    • Thom,
      Look forward to seeing you up here. If we give your parasitic better half p.o.s. flies and she still out fishes you… then what? – JA

  • Outstanding

  • Kevin Jericoff Nampa Idaho
    July 4, 2020 11:06 am

    Mark, headed your way around July 25th for week. what would be you wild guess on the river flow at that time? Also will the bars be open you think? That’s an important factor on my river planning trips.

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