Wednesday Headhunters Fly Shop Fishing Report

Wednesday Headhunters Fly Shop Fishing Report

Busy? Yep. Lots of anglers out there on the water. This is the time of the year where we see lots of displaced anglers from historically high water on other Montana rivers and streams. Not this year. But the gang is still here and fishing is pretty fine.

Nymphing is the game for most. Good bite has been had this past 10 days as the spring finally has fished consistently. Certainly our best run this year. So far.

The streamer anglers are getting the job done in a big way. Lots of fish looking for that larger bite and bright and white and chartreuse and gold and brown? Yessir. Good time had by the anglers willing to sacrifice their body for fish. Chuck and duck. Repeat.

The water is low still and the streamer bunch likes to see the wonderful subsurface structures. Make a mental note and take mental pics of the goodness that you see. Store it away int he mental hard drive and access it when we have more normal water conditions and for those high water years as well.

The suspended solids in the water column from upriver primarily emanating from Canyon Ferry Lake have made some anglers nervous. Some days there is more junk in the water than others. Low water volume and warmer than average temps in combination with high nutrient loads in the Mo River system from the Madison, Jefferson, Gallatin and the 13K mile square drainage has raised some concern. This trend will most likely continue until we see a spring flush, seasonal higher water flows, or a temperature decline.

The dry fly gang is searching. The positive reports come from blind fishing a big caddis or mayfly pattern. Will this weather bring the bugs out and the fish up? Yep.

BWO. March Brown, and Caddis.

But many may stay home due to the inclement weather headed our way today. Look for snow, north winds, and cold nordic air temps as we move thru the weekend.

The bobber gang is 4-6′ deep with a B or a BB. Add and remove split as well as being aware of what type of depth, speed of water, and subsurface structures for the best in hook up rates.

Headhunters open daily at 7 am. Open late til 7pm. Mo River Shuttles, Dearborn Shuttles, the best selection in sun gear, sunscreen, ice, Lodging galore, the Best Flies Under the Big Sky, an unreal selection of Euro Style Nymphs, and Headhunters has all the CDC and tech dry fly patterns you need to fool our wary trout.



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