Wednesday January 19th Summer Water Update

Wednesday January 19th Summer Water Update

Too early to tell what will happen in 5 months.

But, but we can monitor the progress as we move through these very cold months in Montana. Currently, at press time, 6F in Craig Montana. That’s cold. Not many anglers on the water with these air temps.

Although the weekend will bring much warmer temperatures again and the anglers will be out there. Very good fishing was has during the last break Saturday through Monday. Good times and a great winter catch rate.

Most we spoke with including a couple HH staffers were out swinging the two hander. A couple were tossing the bobber rig for winter trout. All reports damn good for the winter sessions.

Back to the water. Snow on the ground locally with another spit yesterday of 3″-6″. Looks like a threat of more this week. We will see. Friday and Monday currently forecast for more white stuff falling from the skies.

More water news is that we will need a ton more to make some sort of flow difference this coming summer. We will the to have more than 100% as of late spring, April, and May, to get to an increase in summer flows. Flows that would exceed the projection above. Lots and lots more.

Your task as a reader and angler of the MO? More snow dances. Yep, a lot more.

Happy Hump Day in your world. We’re shoveling snow, with a snow dance jig or two mixed in…

P.S. Lets shoot for the Blue Lines above!

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