Wednesday Missouri River Fishing Report 6.13.17

Wednesday Missouri River Fishing Report 6.13.17

Wednesday Missouri River Fishing Report 6.13.17

Water levels may be rising as we had a pretty wet Tuesday. It must have been wet towards the upper drainage as well as we are witnessing an increase in water flows. The Canyon Ferry lake levels are nearing that magic 97% level. When we he that fill quotient the river will run higher! How much? Don’t know. We’ll have to ride it out!

The dry fly fishing has been great. Hatches off the charts good with fish enjoying the flows near 8-10K. Much over 10K it can become tough, meaning nonexistent. So we will see what the near future brings.

Nymphing yesterday a bit tougher than it has been, for whatever reason. Reports from my boat and others had anglers scratching their heads a bit. Normal in the scope of things. What most anglers feel is slow here on the Mo is still quite good. Catch rates of a fish or two an hour still gets my blood pumping.

Nymphers are worming, Weight Fly, Scud, Sow, Zonkers, Zirdles, and other large junk up top with any number of bottom flies. Good looking PMD nymphs like the Two Bit Hooker, LGM, Trigger Nymph, S & M, Frenchie, Peep Show  and a plethora of other options can keep you busy. Caddis dropper are on the menu as well including the weight fly menagerie, Grape Slushie, Translucent Pupa, Nitro Caddis, Silvey’s Pupa, and more. I have been having lcm with the good ‘ol Bird’s Nest.

Dry fly anglers happy with the latest results. Most are tossing spinners. Cripples come in second. Duns? Not so much. Still others getting it done with emeger patterns. Whatever you like is just fine. HH has tasty fly bins stuffed with all the best that the Missouri has to offer.

Look for fish on edges. That is the primary location. Some on flats that are usually out of the water. A few wade spots out there but the boat is a good tool to get you to the rising fish.

A water update tomorrow or on our Facebook page. Also check out our Instagram page for pics and fun stuff daily too. Headhunters Fly Shop Blog updated daily. The only daily info on the Missouri River. And our other social sites updated several times a day. You want info, you got it. Or if you don’t, that is fine too. HeadhuntersFly Shop 7-9 daily.

9650cfs. Came up a bunch yesterday. More today? Only time will tell. Call us for the up to the minute water and fishing report. Operators standing by. Shuttles, boat rentals, guides, the largest selection of Missouri River Lodging, and much more here in downtown Craig Montana.

Have a good hump day!

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