Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Weekend Fishing Report Montana’s Missouri River in Craig

Weekend Fishing Report Montana’s Missouri River in Craig

Short and sweet today. Your information source here on the Mighty Mo. Headhunters in downtown Craig MT.

Flows dropping according to the BOR. Threatening 4500ish. Currently 5100ish. Perfect. We love 5-6K. They are claiming mid 4K’s? We will see. As Sara in the shop always states…“Allegedly dropping.” 

Dry fly anglers make up a small portion of the anglers currently on the river.

Above Craig the majority of the traffic. Will continue this way. There are fish below Craig. If you love being around a lot of anglers, head up river. If you love Pink Flamingos, the floaty variety, put in at noon at any boat ramp this weekend. If you like more river with fewer recreationalists? Seek and you will find.

Weather: Air temps at 100F this weekend. Fish early. Nap in the afternoon. Eat at one of our local feederies. Fish late. Izaak’s Fresh Sheet is real. Home made grinds, in house, with a fantastic cocktail, or cocktail, or water. Open Wednesday thru Sunday 3-9ish. Burger joints up and down the river serving til about 8ish including the Tap House and Stonefly Cafe. When is the stonefly hatch here anyway…

The PMD spinner still playing a big role out there. Sinking dead caddis on the surface a good idea as well. Spents. Cluster Trico patterns a big time player the past couple weeks. Trico spinner fall 9-10ish daily. Early mornings good before the sun blinds those trout. They have no eyelids man. They cannot squint. They hate high and bright afternoons. The dry fly feeders. And humans.

Dry Fly bite will continue to be good through the end of the month. Then good, but quite difficult in August. Tricos will continue until it is over. When? Ohh, commonly later in August. If you are one of the dry fly sect who likes to utilize the shotgun approach, meaning hastily shooting the fly towards the area, sometimes near the trout, and playing every drift even if it only has a 1% chance of fooling the trout, and using hope as a tool,  with no plan and casting the fly in a different spot, without slack line and trying to drift drag the fly 22′, because there is a few trout near the supposed target, but below…August may not be your perfect dry fly period.

But, hoppers and ants are on the table. Can’t drag them either. But you can see them on the water, and blind fishing this type of fare is totally appropriate for this season and next. Come by Headhunters Fly Shop in Craig to stock up on ants and hoppers.

Nymphers getting the sow and scud bug. Purple Weight Flies, caddis pupa. Translucents of the emergent and pupal style. Sizes 14-18 totally good man. Tung Dart, Gold Weight Fly, any LaFontaine Deep Sparkle or Emergent. And the Euro stuff too. Zebra’s. Black flies of the midge and mayfly variety. The Trico nymph does get attention this time of the season. Small, black, sinky. Get it there fast, keep it there a long time. Hit it if the bobber wiggles. P.S. The angler in the boat plays a role too. Mending, pretty important. Rowing? Damn important. The most important role in the nymph boat is the rower. Honest.

Weeds. More everyday. The water column filling. Broken and releasing weeds in the water column top to bottom. Weed mats developing on the soft inside shorelines. Weed Quotient today? 3.5 on a scale of 1-10. Increasing daily. If you don’t like weeds, fish a freestone this weekend.

Shop open daily. Open first, open last.

The leader in river shuttles. Fairly priced. Consistent results. Rated #1 On Time Shuttle Biz in the Canyon! Dam to Cascade. Everyday of the year, ‘cept Christmas.

The Best Flies Under the Big Sky. Headhunters is your home fly shop. Super-duper selection, well stocked, tons of fresh new nymphs annually including a vast selection or European style nymphs. Dry Flies? Headhunters, the dry fly is a focus and the dry fly variety is unmatched locally. Streamers? Oh yeah. And the Trout Spey flies? Kinda the only show in the Trico-county area!

Sage, Orvis, Simms, RIO, NRS, Loomis, ECHO, ACR, Galvan, Redington, Howler Bros, Headhuner Logo Gear, Buff, Costa, Bahio, Smith, Fishpond, Rising, cool HH inspired in house designed stickers, SunBum Sunscreen, Mosquito repellent, Scientific Angler, Airflo, OPST Spey products, and so much more! Check us out!

Headhunter Fly Line available in 4, 5, and 6 weights. 4 years ago we released this hyper popular fly line, and still holding its own. Come in and ask for a demo. You like to fish the dry fly? Why not see, feel, experience the Headhunter Fly Line difference. A line made for dry fly anglers, by dry fly anglers, here on the great Missouri River.

Craig Trout Camp in the center of Craig has 7 lodging options for you the angler. CraigLodging.com for the largest selection of available river nightly rentals from Helena to Great Falls. Stay locally. Fish locally. Eat locally. Shop locally. Park your car and walk. Enjoy your stay with your feet on the ground, knee deep in the water, keeping the net wet.

Never been to the Mighty Mo? Start with Headhunters Fly Shop and Guide Service in the heart of the Missouri River Epi-Center downtown Craig Montana. We got yer back. Call us today for info regarding lodging, guide trips, eateries, entertainment, a boat ramp right in town, highway access, and the Mo River experts to help you get a grip on your first trip, or next trip to the Mo. Call us today 406-235-3447

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