Weekend Missouri River Fishing Report 10.16.21

Weekend Missouri River Fishing Report 10.16.21

Very good fishing. Water fantastic. Water temps in the mid 50’s. Perfect. Water flows low @ 2800cfs and stable. Classic Mo River fall fishing conditions. Easy wading and guide boats available. Lodging too. Pretty busy for the remainder of the month as the bite continues to be strong. Call today to our crack booking staff at 406-235-3447.

October Dry Fly Fishing

Not all day long dry fly fishing as you may expect, but there have been some glimpses of greatness for a short afternoon period. BWO’s popping, the real ones, after 2 pm. Be in your spot and hope for the best.

Dead drifts coupled with some sort of slack line presentation will get the best looks. Cripples, duns, and emerges are the best patterns for the fall period. D & D Crips, Last Chance Cripple, DOA Cripple, Film Critic, RS2, No Hackle BWO, Half Dun Hatching BWO, Hi Vis Spinner, CDC Spinner, Parachute Adams, Olive Parachutes, Purple Phase Loop Wing Emerger, Purple Haze…all in stock and ready for action. The Best Flies Under the Big Sky at Headhunters Fly Shop of Craig Montana.

Don’t rush in there and try to be the hero. Hero or Hail Mary shots often don’t work. Specifically if you only have the cork in your hand a couple days a year. Even those who fish a ton approach softly. It is easy to put the fish down, or make them aware of your presence by foolishly beginning your ill planned attack with carelessness. Remember, Old Bull, and the Young Bull. Your choice man.

Would you make 19 silly shots around that elk, or deer, or any target without preparation? If you do, you don’t shoot many elk. And you do not catch many fish.

Again, your choice man. You choose if you want to be the hero now.

Swing Season on the Missouri River

Swing Season, yes, in full swing. The Trout Spey gam is on. Yessir. Anglers swinging have been experiencing ver good catch rates with a floating line. Scandi lines along with soft hackles or un-weighted patterns such as the Carey Special or Sparrow or an October Caddis softie have been scoring points with anglers.

Flies for the Skagit gang include those on the flashy side. Kreelex, Coffeys Sparkle Minnow, Goldie, Skiddish Smolt, Flesh Eating Sculpin, and the plethora of leech patterns that are not so flashy. Swivels and tippet rings allow the angler to double up the flies which may improve your chances, or give you the opportunity to tangle more often? Again here, your choice amigo.

Wading is just unreal right now with the lower water flows. This author fished swing runs for 3 days last week that he had never fished with a spey rod, ever. SO lots of new lanes open with again the lower flows. Map it out in your head for when the flows are not so low in the future to mark those killer buckets, undulations’ dn slides that our trout love!

Come by for any info in regards to the spey game. Headhunters is absolutely your only answer in the canyon, in Craig, and beyond for the gear including the world’s best trout spey line selection with offerings from OPST, RIO, Scientific Anglers and more. The best in tips for the Skagit gang as well. Hand made swivel junctions again for the mono-Skagit anglers, head and leader wallets too. Rod sleeves and rod holders. Rods too. Orvis, Sage, Echo, ACR will keep you supplied. Read the link above from an article John scribed this past week. It is awesome with everything you need to know about the HH Trout Spey Line-Up. Don’t forget about Headhunters Fly Shop for your reel selection as well. We do buy reels with the spey angler in mind. Come by ad see the Galvan reel we have for you. Made in the USA and awesome! Running lines? We got ’em all. Ad have fished them all. Ask at the shop and we will give you our option from thousands of hours of angling.

Streamer Fishing The Mighty Mo

Great. Best it has been in years. Intermediate tips. Dry lines too. Leave those heavy type 4, 5, 6, and beyond tips at home for the time being. Put on a light, or not so light streamer pattern and go get ’em.

We like light and easy to throw patterns. Take advantage of the lower flows and actually see you fly land, and retrieval all the way back to the boat. If you want to attack on foot, aforementioned un-real wading opportunities exist. Take advantage of this common, but not for 15 years, period and explore.

Leeches, Beth’s Britches, buggers, small articulated patterns, and any of the spey fav’s like the Carey Special or the Sparrow will get attention even in the skinniest of waters.

Indicator Anglers

A fun time to throw the short leash all day long. No need for heavy split shot, unwieldy flies that hurt upon contact with your melon, and longer leader lengths. Stay short and get the net wet.

Flies? Zebra’s, sows, scuds, and mayfly nymphs for the fall session. We got a zillion in stock and we are more than willing to show you how we like to set them up. Headhunters is your information and education stop on the way to the river. And, on this very blog no less.

Why not get yourself a new Indicator Fly Line this fall. The NEW RIO Elite XStream Indicator Line is in stock and getting rave reviews. SA has a good player as well with the Anadro. Both in stock and ready to spool.

Guide Trips and Craig Montana Lodging

Open and available. Still busy here on the banks of the Mo, but as the month regresses we will see a decline in visitors. Lots of locals, non-local locals (annual Mo River fall anglers), and first timers here fishing the Mo this month. November is for those who like quiet waters, fewer anglers, dry fly and swing fly opportunities, and good catch rates.

Stay right in Craig at our favorite rental properties here on the local Craig campus with Craig Trout Camp. 7 options available. The Craig House can be your center for cooking, lounging, sleeping with the other six 2 person cabins along side to house your family, your fishing buddies, or your Mother-In-Law. Call 406-235-2447 and speak with Julie or Sara by pressing “2” on the phone prompt.

Headhunters Fly Shop in downtown Craiglandia

Open everyday at 8am-6pm. We do not close as the other local fly shops reduce hours or close completely. Nope. We are open everyday but Christmas. Swing Season is a passion around here. The staff and guides just love the fall and late fall period as we do get more opportunities to get out and fish ourselves.

Guides and lodging available all year long. All 12 months. The Mo does not freeze over, expect fo the lower reaches during arctic weather periods, and we fish all year long. Want to plan a late fall trip? Call today.

Enjoy the fall wherever you are. It would certainly be better if you visited…Honest.

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