Weekend Missouri River Fishing Report

Weekend Missouri River Fishing Report

Weekend Missouri River Fishing Report

Getting better daily.

The nymph bite has stabilized with the better catch rates mid day. It has cocked off in the late afternoons though. 11-3 has fished pretty well the past couple days,

Weeds get worse throughout the day. Good in the mornings with agitation occurring during the afternoons. Go to the dam if you don’t like weeds. Don’t go there if you don’t like crowds or other anglers.

Dam bugs include the Zebra Midge in several derivations and midges and mini mayfly bugs.

The rest of the river is enjoying a good fall small caddis bite. Size 16. Tan. Others enjoying the October Caddis. September is the month when the Rocktober Caddis is in style. Nymph it too.

Whitefish on the prowl out there. You can find yourself in a whiteout when nymphing.

The river flows are higher than average for those of you who have not been fishing here for a generation or two. Flows over 5K in the fall are uncommon in the last 20 years. But those of us who are greying here on the Mo remember the well. And fondly. It helps with the overall weed annoyance. Higher volume, more water, more oxygen for our trout, and less madness overall.

Yes, some have mentioned that we make the reports too positive.

If you don’t like weeds, go fish elsewhere. If you like the MO in all of its various stages of dress, we’ll see you here.

Free WiFi and cell phone coverage at Headhunters of Craig. Free coffee too. Maps. Information. Entertainment. The Best Flies under the Big Sky…

Trico’s waning. IF you want the techy dry fly session you will find them. Mostly on the upper river. Mostly in the late morning. Mostly difficult. Bring your small, smaller than 20 Trico bugs. Then make a strong reach mend, and send it. Change flies often. Be patient. Be good. Enjoy.

That caddis in the canyon is good. Both the orange and the tan one.

Lots of anglers in the Cascade reach. As many as 18 boats on the lower this last week. So, up top?

Sub-Surface School has a couple openings left. Call today to get the last two spots.

Trout Spey Camp filling rapidly. Looks like a good swing year ahead. We have lots of goods in the store and more coming. Headhunters is your Trout Spey HQ in Montana and beyond. We do have the goods from all of the manufacturers including the new Sage Trout Spey HD, lines, tips, leaders, accessories.

That is your weekend preview for mid October. See you at Headhunters open daily 630 am and late too! Shuttles, Trout Spey, tons of Missouri River specific flies, coffee, info, trot conversation, lodging, guides, rental boats…

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  • “Yes, some have mentioned that we make the reports too positive.”

    To hell with them. Many of us thrive on the HH positivity. Keep it comin’. You can’t catch fish if you don’t have a positive attitude. With every drift, you must think, This is the drift…Eat it…Eat it…Eat it….Then you cast again. Do that 100 or 1,000 times and you catch some fish. It’s that easy. Oh, and an aerial mend, too. And the right fly. And a 16-foot leader.

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