Weekend Trout Spey Report

Weekend Trout Spey Report

Weekend Trout Spey Report

Shane and Mark stepped into the river yesterday afternoon for a couple hours of swing.

Pretty good. Fished a couple different runs with fish kissing the fly in both. The first run either both anglers were fishing with their heads deeply buried in their asses, quite possible, or the fish were not taking the fly. They may have been only flirting with the fly. 6 takes. 6 misses. No fish to hand.

Shane fished the black leech. The trout sniffed it in the first run. They ate it in the second. The trout were laying in subtle soft mid-riffle seams  towards the back end. A few chomped it on the hang down. Yet others piped it while jigging the fly across the swing. Maybe better water? Certainly different water. Fishing is funny. Sometimes they eat it, others they don’t.

Amy Hazel of The Deschutes Angler always says “Fish well trough good water”. Well said Amy.

The water temps are perfect for the Trout Spey angle. Both fellas were tossing Skagit lines. Shane the Airflo Scout with a RIO MOW tip 5’x5′ float to T-8 while Mark was chucking a RIO InTouch Skagit Trout Spey coupled with a IMOW 5’x5′ intermediate to T8. Both effective at gaining the correct depth.

Flashy or non-flashy. Gotta try it to know it. If they aren’t eating the fly, change depths. If they aren’t participating in the fishing equation, change the fly. Those who are static do not catch as many trout!

Come on by the shop this week through the coming holiday for all things Spey. All of the hot lines, and I mean all by Airflo, Scientific Anglers, RIO, OPST, Wulff. All of the tips and leaders too. Your first stop for all things Swing.

Check out the Trout Spey page on this very website for more info, education, articles, and of course videos!

Looks like snow this afternoon. Quite a bit overnight into Saturday and through the weekend. A good time to fish. Not many anglers, lots of fish to yourself.

Coming for the weekend? Give us a call and we can line you out with local Craig and riverfront lodging. Take a break before the hectic holiday forthcoming.

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