Weekend Update Early December '21

Weekend Update Early December ’21

Weekend Update Early December ’21

Winter this morning on Montana’s Missouri River. Yes. A spot of winter. A small spot. Let’s hope it is the foreshadowing of a terrifically wet and long and cold winter and spring.

We don’t often wish for ‘Ol Man Winter to come blasting in but this year with the drought situation ever worsening we are welcoming him with open arms.

Winter flows are in the basement @ 2840cfs. Will be, forever, or until the rains come. Not 40 days and 40 nights, albeit a dozen or two will be just fine.

Temps continuing downwards now at 43F. A good trout temp. It’s no  55F, but for the season we are pretty happy.

Bugs are gone. Nymphers using sow bugs, and scuds, and midges. Not that deep. But think about the medium or medium slow fish water as we move through the month of December. All based on water temps. As the air temps and earth temps dip the water follows suit and the trout move into continually slower water flows. Metabolism of trout slows, feeding behaviors change, type of water changes…and on and on.

What I’m saying above is you have to follow suit. You have to change too.

2′-4′ for the nymph depth. Split if you have too.

Bugs are gone. Great for the trout spey gang. Now you can narrow the parameters of fly selection. Leave the soft hackle box at home. The fantasy of skating your fav’s and finding one are diminishing if not nearly gone. You may want to think about spending more time with your Skagit Heads. Per above, the fish are moving deeper, slower, darker, colder.

Bigger and deeper is one route to go with your swing flies. Leeches are coming on strong. But don’t totally forget about those mid-sized  wets that brought you to the dance many times before. Swing by for a trout spey primer or suggestions about any one of the many facets of this sometimes seemly overcomplicated game.

It doesn’t have to be. Come by with questions and we can break it down for you in a not so confusing terms and talk. Truly. Don’t forget about using the phone as a resource either. We are open every day all summer, and winter, offering trout spey products from most of the available vendors. RIO, SA, Orvis, OPST, Sage, ECHO, ACR, Loomis, and so many more at Headhunters of Craig Montana. Your Trout Spey Resource.

Streamer anglers still getting after it. And winning. A good chase continues and will until the temps fall below 40F? Just a guess. Could Santa bring a prolonged stripper session to the Mighty Mo? We’ll let you know a the end of the month.

Guide trips, rental bots, shuttles, nightly winter discounted lodging, some sort of action happening daily as we move into the second week of December. We got the Xmas Deco’s lit up strung around the storefront and we are helping anglers into their Xmas dreamtime sending fly fishing nirvana into the magical mail systems every day. Give us a shout if there is anything you need that is not represented on our online store. We are ready to help and ready to ship. Just takes a moment to check with us at 406-235-3447. And a reminder that we are hear on site daily 8-5.

Happy Holidays to you and yours. We’re here on the banks of the Mo enjoying the extended fall knee deep looking for the tug. Chat with you soon.

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  • James Gillespie
    December 7, 2021 8:11 pm

    This report is totally accurate for the swingers out there. Just got home from a happy few days on the Missouri. Get after it. The river will be yours. Headhunters rocks.

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