Weekend Update Mo River Fishing Report House of Headhunters

Weekend Update Mo River Fishing Report House of Headhunters

River at 8740cfs. Historically pretty average. But, up from the scant 3K cfs flows we were staring at for the remained of 2022. We will take it.

The last storm, in conjunction with many factors we do not understand, including Mother Nature, put a hurtin’ on mu h of Montana’s freestones. Thankfully, we are right at average flows for the mid-June period.


Our tributaries are not high. Both of the local ones are 30% of average. So, no big deal here in central Montana fishing the Missouri River near Craig.

Fishing has leveled out as the past couple days of upward movement in our flows. Looking at the anglers on the water this morning; lots of bent rods. Primarily deep nymphing 7′-9′ from bobber to bottom flies. Sows, scuds, PMD nymphs, worms. Go short and toss at the bank.

The river is busy. Displacement form nearly every other resource in the state has made the ever popular Mighty Mo even busier. Do not expect solace during the peak season, June and July, and certainly not in the light of the current affairs.

Shuttle businesses are stressed, parking is at it’s limit at boat ramps and roadside attractions, along with the splash and giggle entourage certain to arrive tomorrow with air temps breaching the 90F mark. That will bring out the non-angler recreationalists. Expect overcrowded boat ramps, longer launch and retrieval times, and if you are not early in the day setting up shuttle services you may be looking at 5 or 6pm out times. Or…

So keep in mind that we are all in this together and to be as polite as possible on the river, boat ramps, and public places. Wait times at the local restaurants are longer, the sun is hotter, but thankfully most are smiling. Smiling is good.

All businesses open including locally. Thanks for your support!

River flows according to the dam managers will be declining as the weekend progresses and the lake will certainly fill towards the back end of June. The flows should be steady beginning of the coming month as we get into the full summer swing.

Flows at least 4100cfs for the peak months is mostly a sure thing. Only the will tell how it all shakes out in the end. We will tell you here first.

PMD risers have stepped into the next level. Gone are the days when the trout will eat any drift with any fly. Cripples still in the mix, always, and spinners have begun their upward climb in popularity. Emergers? Yes. A good first sighting of the fly is good for trout, and trout in the net.

Caddis waxing.

Campgrounds look stuffed.

Want a 4 minute dial up fishing report? Call 406-235-3447 ext. 3 for a detailed current recorded fishing report.

Headhunters open daily. stop in for the best local advice and flies galore. All the patterns you need to fool our often finicky trout feeders.

Keep us in mind on your trip through Craig this week. Love to say hello.

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