Weekend Update: Rain Coming, Maybe more Dearborn Floating, and Mask up Please!

A Saturday Afternoon update for those on the Missouri River, or planning to be here in the next couple of days. Many people on the water this Saturday afternoon. Most angling pressure the last 2 days has been concentrated from Holter Dam to Spite Hill. In other words, everyone is putting in at the Dam or Wolf Creek and floating past Craig. Fishing reports today from our guides have been mostly very good. Some great.


A Flood Watch has been issued for the Rocky Mountain from from late Sunday night through Wednesday. Major amounts of rain are expected, including the potential for 6 inches! If this storm develops as predicted, expect to see the Dearborn, Sun, Teton and drainages further north to blow big. You can also expect to see a rise in Missouri River flows (or at least not a decline) to accommodate increased inflows at Canyon Ferry Reservoir (which is full).

We will keep you updated with forecasts and any messaging we receive from BOR regarding Canyon Ferry/Hauser/Holter releases.


We are now asking all customers to wear a mask in and around Headhunters, as COVID-19 continues to blow up in many areas of the country. We have reached the point in the season where each person who walks through our door is from a different state. Concerning. To protect our staff and customers, we feel this is a necessary precaution. If you’ve visited us this year, you are already aware that our staff and most of our customers are already wearing protective face coverings in the shop (Picture above, team members Jared and Peter masked up, ready to help you catch more fish).

While requiring masks in the shop has been an internal discussion this spring, in the last week I’ve had several customer ask us to make masks required. We’ve gotten used to it, as have most. Remember, its all about looking out for your fellow anglers. Any face covering is acceptable. Buff’s, bandanas, scarves, whatever. We also sell excellent and comfortable Blackstrap Civil Masks ($10) along with a few regional home-brew masks. And, if you don’t have one and don’t want to purchase one, feel free to grab one of the free disposable medical masks we have in the shop.


Me and shuttle driving legend Jim Pompati are still doing a few Dearborn shuttles. With flows in the low 200’s this week, it’s mainly been a kayak/IK/Packraft/canoe trip, but I’ve seen a couple of Raft trailers at 287. And we recently did a couple of shuttles from Bean Lake! If the coming rain event does pound the front with 4-6 inches of rain, expect the Dearborn to go big – likely to unsafe levels – then quickly drop back down to fun and floatable flows. The window we like – between 250 and 1000 CFS – will be short, but should provide 1 more opportunity for those who enjoy floating – what we think is – one of the most beautiful rivers in Montana.


And remember, Jim and I are having and end of Dearborn Season Shuttle Special! $50 gets you a shuttle from ANY starting point on the Dearborn River! Please call a day or 2 before if possible, and make sure and let us know if you are doing an overnight trip.

A beautiful shot of the Upper Dearborn River at the historic High Bridge Crossing. photo by me.

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  • Jeff Ferguson
    June 27, 2020 2:45 pm

    I appreciate Headhunters proactive mask wearing. Recently while in Craig, no one behind the counter at the other shop wore a mask, no one at Joe’s…guides included. Disappointing. No customers at Issac’s wore masks. I felt Headhunters are the leaders on this and gave them all my business.

  • Masks are the new norm, no biggie, be safe, let’s fish!

  • Hey all, I am old. Please wear a mask like I do and help protect me.

  • if you don’t like wearing a mask, you damn sure won’t like a ventilator

  • Though wearing a mask of some sort makes for a fantastic show of thoughtfulness, all should aquaint themselves with what masks, buffs, ect do, and specifically, don’t do. OSHA is great place to learn more. Might change one’s mind.

  • I guess those doctors wearing masks all those years at the hospital was a mistake. Shoot, it’s only your health.

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