What will happen if the Mo falls under a Hoot-Owl restriction?

What will happen if the Mo falls under a Hoot-Owl restriction?

If the weather, the water conditions, and the direction/protection of Montana’s resources require Fish, Wildlife, and Parks to enable a Hoot-Owl restriction we will…

Respect and adhere to the decisions of science.

If the Hoot-Owl restrictions are enabled for a 2pm closure we will operate the guide trips from 6am til 2pm. We have been on this program for a couple weeks already. Shop hours may shift to opening @ 530am in the next couple days.

It is important for all of us to be on the front end of this. We attacked the Covid-19 restrictions last year head on and we intend to do the same on this issue. Fish health, the health of the river, is imperative for you, us, and all.

No pics rule. Fish will remain in the water. Take mental snap shots. They truly do last longer.

We are discussing further how we will proceed in the next summer weeks and months. We will keep you informed here on your Missouri River information source.

Headhunters respects the decisions of the FWP scientists. Headhunters will be proactive in respecting the resource.

  • Fish during the coolest times of day, where permitted.
  • Land the fish quickly.
  • Keep the fish in water as much as possible.
  • Remove the hook gently. Using artificial lures with single and barbless hooks can make hook removal faster and easier.
  • Let the fish recover before releasing it.

Thanks. Enjoy your 4th of July Weekend. Be safe.

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  • My Own Party
    July 3, 2021 11:41 am

    Totally agree. Early start, afternoon nap, cocktails, dinner, repeat.

    Minor change to our days and major help for the fish and river.

  • Vince Pyskaty
    July 3, 2021 5:56 pm

    Hurray for the no photo rule!! Made my day! I have put our fly rods away for the summer be back on the rivers mid Sept. It is just too hot. The fish are more important than my fishing. Headhunters Rules!!! Vince

  • “No pics rule” “Keep em’ wet” – Mark, maybe a special limited run of t’s? Industry partner joins with Headhunters? The times demand it.

  • Practical approaches here – nice to see this stewardship to an incredible resource. Unfortunately that does not happen here in Michigan for even the best rivers with wild fish (ie no stocking) – Hotter than heck here too – easily one month ahead. Feels like August. Cicadas buzzing already – unheard of in early July in MI. Had serious drought conditions May into June that essentially wiped out Gray Drake hatches on key major tribs.. Weather cycles are changing. The smallie action is hot – one bright side to this weather conundrum. They like it hot!

  • In my “mental snap shots”, the fish are always bigger and better anyways

  • I’d be sarcastic here JP, but you already got that covered.

  • There are times I’d hope fisheries would simply shut the action down – all of it – anglers and non-anglers. To give rivers a rest. No one has the nads to do that though – but one day that time will arrive.

  • I’ve been waiting for a leader in the guide/shop business to take a stand and end the grip and grin/hero shot fish pics. Good for you guys. I’ll buy that t-shirt. Stick with it!

    And kudos on the voluntary hoot owl. All outfitters should be doing it. But they all don’t. Good on ya!

    None of this easy for anyone.

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