When we were younger Wednesday

When we were younger Wednesday

An image of long time guest Joe and the author, when they were both younger.

I believe this image was taken in 2001, or 2002. Yep, 20 years ago.

I fished with Joe my first year guiding with his brother in law Marcus. Fun times. A long hiatus for the child rearing years and Joe is back.

My point today is this. If you don’t come this year, and you have been wanting to fish the Mighty Mo for some time, a river on your bucket list, you will be one year older when you do.

Didn’t Warren Miller always make statements like that in his famous seasonal ski movies? I believe he did.

So, don’t let the time pass again this year. You will be one year older when you do make the pilgrimage to the greatest dry fly fishery in the tri-county region.

I’ve been very fortunate to fish with Joe and his gang the past couple years. Great trips. Caught some great fish. But fishing is driven by the fellowship quotient. And it is high, with Joe and his family, friends, co-workers. I believe that the anglers who are driven by friendship, conversation, and good will, catch more trout. Honest.

Thanks Joe. Can’t wait to sit with him in the boat again this year. We will have to wade through many snow drifts, first. But as we spoke about this week, it is not tooo cold to dream!



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