Why we love the shortest day in Craig MT

Why we love the shortest day in Craig MT

Closed Sunday and Monday 24th and 25th. Open today and Saturday. See you Tuesday morning. Not toooo early though…

We have crossed over the Winter Solstice here in Craig MT and beyond.

The most important part of this yearly winter equation is just this…the days get longer from here on out until the Summer Solstice in June. Actually the sunrise gets later until January 7th.  But this historical day lets us breathe easier, sleep easier, and begin the warm summer thoughts we so love.

What do most folks do is get a little buzz on at the best bar in Craig. Uncle Joe’s Bar. Celebrating the first day of winter.

It is the first day of winter on the books and winter is nowhere in sight. Maybe in ’24, January will bring a hint of the cold season.

We are counting the days until the winter is past us. But while we fantasize about warmer climates in FLA, the Bahamas, Southern America, and beyond we have found a way to pass the time here on the best winter trout swing fishery in the western United States.

Top 5 reasons we love December 21st

  1. 1st day of winter here in Montana. People love the 4 distinct seasons here on the Missouri River. Winter is the quiet season.
  2. Almost to a New Year. New Year, New Attitude. New Hope.
  3. 1 day closer to midge fishing. Historically mid-February brings the first evidence of midges to the Missouri River. This is our first real good hatch of the new year. The midge is an interesting insect. Unpredictable for sure. We of course will keep you up to date on this late winter early spring emergence.
  4. We still have 6 months of precipitation in front of us. Winters are relatively dry here in the rocky mountain range. April, May, June are wet ones. We pray daily to the rain and snow gods to bring us adequate water not only for the Mo but for all of the western states.
  5. And finally one day closer to summer and daily dry fly fishing. Until then we will just have to enjoy the spoils of winter here on the Missouri. Great nymphing along with world class winter swing fishing.
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