Winter Tasks at Hand

Winter Tasks at Hand

Got the winter doldrums? Bored? Want to fish but cannot because the weather outside? Want to go to the Bahamas but your spouse does not think that is such a good idea? But you can’t? And you are lost?

Yeah, we are right with you.

How about a list of mildly entertaining tasks to get you through the next several months…

  • Clean fly lines. All the way. All of them. RIO Fly Lines cleaners are the savior. That should take a few minutes.
  • Clean the rods. Wipe down with a microfiber towel. Grip and guides and rod.
  • Surf around the internet for products, rods on the Headhunters site,¬†trips to the Bahamas.
  • Plan your 2022 Fly Fishing Trip to Montana.
  • Organize your fly boxes. Or chuck them in the garbage and start over. But, try to clean out the BS in your box. Flies you don’t use should go away. Your neighbor, some kids, or in the garbage. They do not do you any good. Clean out your boxes.
  • Clean the boat. Wax it. Pop the top off an IPA and wax on, wax off.
  • Tie flies. Or start tying flies. Or contract a local tyer to tie you that special down winged caddis you use on your local resource.
  • Buy a practice caster and spend time in your garage or great room casting. Have one at your desk. Does not take much room to whip that practice rod back and forth. This author casts while on the phone. Headset in for hands free use, consequently my hands can be used for casting practice. Both right, and left. Get better this season doubling down on the nonsense time at your desk. Cast sitting and standing. But you can already cast standing, so practice sitting. Have many anglers in the boat who say silly things like “I can’t cast sitting down!” I follow with, “Yeah, I bet you can’t.” And that statement does get a reaction. You said it sir. That you can’t do a task. You said it, not me. I just agreed. I think it is just like anything, that you cannot do a task or movement if you have not tried. But you have not even tried. Pretty shortsighted. So, remedy that situation for those of you who like to dry fly fish, and have not been here to this river and witnessed the sometimes finicky rising trout. If you can see them, they can see you. So, go out and buy a practice caster, or cast with your 9’5wt in the lawn. Practice a bit and you will be rewarded. Honest. If it is the one thing you do this winter, it should be practice the cast. Situational, distance, in the wind, eyes closed…all of them. Do it.
  • Fantasize about big trout.

That should get you started on the new year. With a new focus. A new regimen. Happy Hump Day. Cold here still. Up to 10″ from he snow gods tonight. Doing a Snow Dance as we speak! How’s yours look?


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