Trout Spey Video Scumliner Mediaa Switch it Up

Winter Trout Spey Video Switch it Up

Winter Trout Spey Video Switch it Up

Cold again here in Craig this morning. 26F is the projected hi temp and we have already achieved that.

I was out swinging yesterday afternoon. It was tough enduring the holiday weather conditions. Just 24F with a slight north wind. Chilly for sure. Along with the wind chill the ever growing ice clogging the guides I was at my personal comfort limit.

But, not impossible by any means. At least 10 vehicles out and about fishing the Mo yesterday and we should expect vacationing anglers from the regional area to sneak down for a quick fishing session.

The Headhunters gang is fishing in this video. Sara, Beth, Ninch, Mark, E Bitty fished a year ago November in the cold. As you’ll witness the video includes shelf ice, steam coming off the water, and lots of fish. Winter in Montana is made for skiing, hunting, snowshoeing, and swinging for trout.

Most of you should be traveling, hopefully to warmer climates for the holidays. And we know that most of you view this blog on your handheld devices so I thought I should post Scumliner Media Switch it Up trout Spey video today for you airport viewing pleasure.It really is a beautiful video. You may want to watch it twice.

We are open today til 6pm and tomorrow Christmas Eve we will be celebrating in the shop until about noon. Closed for Christmas Day and open again on Saturday morning @ 8am.

Safe travels to all you Headhunters out there. Enjoy Switch it Up!

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