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Winter Trout Spey Video Switch it Up

Winter Trout Spey Video Switch it Up

Cold again here in Craig this morning. Minus, below ZERO air temps make it pretty hard to fish! Looks like it runs through the weekend with temps dipping to a frigid -32F Saturday morning.

The Headhunters gang is fishing in this classic video. Sara, Beth, Ninch, Mark, E Bitty fished 8 or 9 years ago November in the cold. As you’ll witness the video includes shelf ice, steam coming off the water, and lots of fish. Winter in Montana is made for skiing, hunting, snowshoeing, and swinging for trout.

Heavier weight rods in this older film today. Using mostly 6 weight sin the vid. Today more 2 and 3 weights fill our quiver. Easier to cast, better suited for the river conditions, and super light! We have them all in stock as HH of Craig is your Trout Spey HQ in all of the west!

See you again next week, wet. the temps crawl out of the basement!

Safe travels to all you Headhunters out there. Enjoy Switch it Up!

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