World Series Missouri River Style

I am personally pulling for the National League team, the Phillies. I hate the Astros, cheaters, and dislike the Rangers. Both in the same division as the Mariners. Arizona is kinda boring, so the Phillies with the characters on that club keep me the most interested.

Go Phillies!

The baseball season has many parallels with the fishing season. They essentially begin and end at the same time. About the time the Boys of Summer  get thinking about Spring Training we get ramped up here on the Missouri River as well getting guide trips out in the Spring daily.

So as the MLB season winds down so are most trout fishing operations. Many guides and outfitters around the state are here fun fishing for the remainder of the month and into November. They like streamer and dry fly fishing too!

The difference here on the Mo? Headhunters Fly Shop and Guide Service keeps on fishing. All 12 months. The shop is open every day except for those below 0F. Christmas too. But that is about it. We have a strong minor league, a winter ball/fishing session, 2 Handed Guide Trips for $300 starting on November 1st, and  your Trout Spey Rod Demo center all winter long!


Here is my take on the World Series Missouri River Style.

I may have written a blog like this in the last 7 years, but really cannot do not care remember.

A Single: The best way to be guided. Just ask any fishing guide.

The Double: Well, two fish on. One for each angler.

A Triple: Not 3 anglers in the boat.

Home Run: Any day off of work and on t river with friends. A Home Run everytime.

Strike-Out: No beer int he cooler

Skipper: Guide of course.

Balk: Landing that Whitey!

Stolen Base: Getting to the boat ramp first!

Suicide Squeeze: Cutting off, low holing your buddy and catching a big brown trout!

Double Play: Forgot your Gink and out of 5X.

Double Switch: Thought you had a big brown trout on the line, bring it to the boat, and it turns out to be a fouled Whitey!

Grand Slam: Catching fish on dries, nymphs, streamers, and a shot of Extra Anejo to finish!


Just a few terms that are crossover from baseball to fishing. What are your favorite terms? Let us know. Don’t forget about the two handed season, dry fly mania, and that your favorite destination fly shop is open all winter!



World Series Missouri River Style
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  • On my way to Craig from Philly airport as I write this. Happy to see you are a Phillies fan cause we are the loudest and craziest! Looking forward to some great home run days on the ‘Mo with my fishing buddy, Ed. Go Phillies!

  • Change-up: What you need to do so often on the Mo.
    Curve ball: Throwing something different than what is hatching, just because.
    Slider: Useful for caddis, sometimes. AKA skittering.
    Lead-off batter: That lucky guy in the bow.
    Clean-up batter: The patient guy in the stern.
    Strike out: The clients who can’t set the hook in time.
    Manager: The guide
    Ball boy: The guide
    Relief pitcher: The tall one at Joes after a day guiding strike outs.

  • Any of you baseball aficionados recall Wilber Wood? A great knuckleball hurler for the Chicago White Sox. Used to watch him warm up along third base line wall at the old Comiskey Park ….. place had personality…… at least 30 coats of green paint along that wall. Can still see the seams frozen in space on the knuckleball dancing to the catcher. Good times!

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