Yup, busy here on the MO

Yup, busy here on the MO

The quiet season on the Mighty Mo is August. Many of the freestones are fishing well during the late July and August period. The Mo is too, just not at it’s peak.

Check out the FWP River Closure List here.

June and July are the peak busy fishing months followed by September, May, October, April, and finally March. In that order.

June and July have always been busy. Yes, since the beginning of time. I qualify the beginning of the on the Mo in the early 1990’s. At that time the Missouri River was peaking June 15th through September 15th. Or September 1st. And some would qualify the peak as second week in June through the 3rd week of July.

Still true today. That is the peak of the peak. June and July.

August is pretty quiet. The anglers are certainly outnumber this month but eh non-angling sect.

Just like booking a dinner reservation at 7pm at your favorite restaurant expecting the joint to be empty on a Friday nite. You can book your table at 530, or 8pm. They will have room for you.

August is just like that. A bit weedy, damn hot, and pretty quiet.

The fishing? It is as good as you are. 

Yep. If you like techy and somewhat difficult Trico fishing. You got it now. You like very good hopper fishing? Now is your time. Uncommon for the Mo to be this consistent with a hopper. Not always a great big Fly River. But it is this year.

If you can reach mend or cast, pop the weeds from your line with ease, and like fish that are totally catchable, if you do not share with them you are in the neighborhood, before the hook-up…you dig August.

You like wading around and stalking a single or a couple trout feeding on dead insects.

You enjoy prospecting a nice riffle with a downwind caddis? August.

You like rowing around in back and forth at the dam and nymphing ’em up? Now is a good time. Fewer weeds up there.

August historically has a bundle of weeds that frequent the water column, below the surface. And you nymphs can collect a few of them if you mend, and fish, and seek the depths, below the surface.

The weeds like the surface too. If you don’t like the weed, come in October, or later. Or in June and July.

But, if you like some solace from the crowds, come in August. Guests pick up in September when the freestones in this state see their fishing season coming to a close. And the Mo fishes into the Swing Season and beyond.

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