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5 Tips for Late June Fishing Montana’s Missouri River

5 Tips for Late June Fishing Montana’s Missouri River

June is a favorite month of dry fly anglers and nymphers alike. Great PMD hatches with daily opportunities for casting dries at feeding trout and bobbering a few up with Frenchie’s and Split Cases.

Enjoy your Friday and weekend. Coll weather on tap, again. Was real nice this week. More summer to come next week!

  1. Approach the trout like you want to catch it. Rushing in is bad. Those who are careful, understand the objective, get better results.
  2. Slack line casts are good. Not too much slack, but enough to allow the fly to drift as if there is nothing attached to it. Like tippet. Reach Casts are good.
  3. Clean your fly lines daily. Dry Fly anglers and nymphers alike. Only if you want the best in fly line performance. We like the RIO Fly Line Cleaning Towellete for quick uses. Come into the shop for several fly line cleaner selections.
  4. Get out and wade fish. Stalk quietly. Down and across is the most common approach. Fly first.
  5. Swing a soft hackle? Fun. Try something new. Stop in HH of Craig and get a few softies to spice up your weekend.

Be kind out there. Lots of anglers from watersheds that have, too much water. Go figure. Would’a never guessed this outcome in our Montana mountains and streams in 2022. Goes to show that we, you, and even the good weather guessers would’a guessed.


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  • Tip #6 clear the boat ramp so others can use it!

  • Pelican Point? Not sure, but kinda looks like it. I do like the Pelican to Cascade stretch. Hope the water levels stay up for the summer. Looking forward to fishing the Mo at the end of September!

  • Pamela AKA Buck Fobbers
    June 24, 2022 11:02 pm

    chuck I have fished this stretch at least 150 times. here’s my opinion for what’s it worth. sunny days go deep. cloudy days fish the topwater. if in doubt huck and chuck. there some HUGE huge browns I’m talkin 22″ plus sunning themselves in 3ft of water right out in the middle. forget the banks. leave that to the newbee guides. if you get periodic cloud cover be ready because the fish will be up ASAP. Please donate a few$$$ to TU for this sage advice.

  • wayne e clayton
    June 25, 2022 5:23 am

    Hey Mark
    How crowded is it?I have an old time client that loves the Mo and I was thinking of coming up next week
    Wayne Clayton guide #653

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