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A couple on an ant

A couple on an ant

Long time Mo River Outfitter/Guide Tim Plaska/Missouri River Expeditions and Mark fished Tuesday.

Got a couple on an ant. Also Trico Spinner, CDC. Caddis, PMD Spinner, Parachute Adams, Purple Haze. Sizes 14-20.

Once again, drift was king. Pattern did play a role in a few of those fish. Drift is king., IKf the drift is poor, ie dragging/moving contrary to the current, the pattern does not matter. Pattern is moot if the drift sucks.

Nymphers battling the August weeds with may starting at the dam for the worry free morning session.

Cooler weather the week ahead. We like it. Water temps are holding below the hazard zone. Looks pretty good to get through the month without restrictions here locally. Reaching 65F Tuesday with am starting point of 63F. The next couple days are 80-90F but then the following 7 days a high of 80F. Many days below that mark with a couple mixed in below 70F! Nice.


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