Arctic Seasons – Video

Here is a sweet video that came through the feeds the other day. Incredible footage and fishing from those inspired filmmakers in Scandinavia (I think?).

These guys from Northern Europe always seem to combine great footage with some emotional narrative. They really love fly fishing. We get quite a few of these guys through the shop, and they tell us one reason they get so excited is that the season is very short in the far North. So short that they apparently go out and fish in the icebergs during the winter.

If you’re an Aurora Borealis nerd – like me – this video has you covered. Some great time lapse with people in it. Not sure how, but my guess is the camera operator told his buddy to go “sit on that rock with your rod and DON’T MOVE!” for an hour or so… cool stuff. Literally.

Theres also some wicked cool shades in this flick. Smith! Are you watching!

So check out this beautifully done video. If you’re roasting in the Montana heat this week, it’ll cool you off. At 8 minutes you have time for a beer or two while you watch.

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