Montana Trout Spey

Trout Spey Gear Roundup

Ed Note: A re-post of this comprehensive Trout Spey Gear Roundup scribed by John this past month. We thought it important to post again as we now headlong into the TROUT2H Season. Swing Season has arrived! SWING SEASON 20-21 October…
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Trout Spey Outlook

We’re still in Trout Spey season on the Missouri, and the swing bite remains good. As the weather and river slowly warm, the fish continue to get more active. The Rainbow trout are spawning right now in good numbers. It’s…
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Just Add Vice Sale

Fly Tying
We’re here to help keep you occupied and thinking ‘bout Trout. Maybe you’re living under a “stay at home” order, or maybe it’s self imposed. Or maybe it’s just that you broke your last Thin Mint (above) off on a…
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Weekend Recap

Whoa, what a weekend. Saturday saw the masses descend on Craig and the Missouri River. While there were plenty of fisherman, there was plenty more folks just getting out of the house and enjoying some flawless March weather. Sunny with…
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Montana Spey Report

Still swinging here on the Missouri River, but those water temperatures have dropped and the fish have really tanked up in those winter lies. Sink tips and gentle presentations are key, and productive spots are far fewer than they were…
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Trout Spey Report

The swing-bite has been inconsistent this fall. I blame it on inconsistent weather and inconsistent flows from Holter Dam. Mother Nature dictates the weather, and continuing construction on the spillway at Holter Dam Is affecting the flows. The flows have…
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