Friday Foto Near Spring Edition

Craiglandia Phone Troubles. Standard.

We became aware today that some customers have had trouble getting through to us on the phone the last couple of days. Phone troubles are standard in Craig. Tin cans and string are more reliable. At any rate, we have the phone company on it. If you’re having trouble getting through, it appears our toll free 1-877-379-3597 number works fine. And if you need to book a guided trip or lodging, you can always call our booking manager Julie direct at 406-868-5473. Thanks and sorry for any inconvienence.

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  • John,

    Big thanks to you guys for continuing to post damn near daily for years, through a pandemic, no less! Keeps me entertained. Even though The Creek is 5 mins away and the Wood is great this time of year, I’d love nothing more than to stop by Headhunters (after waiting my turn and while wearing a buff, of course) and then float the Mo. I’ll have to wait a couple months. Hope you guys have your Headhunters fly line to try! I’m no math guy, but that line makes sense to me. You guys rule!

    Erik from Wiseguy

  • Bob Bergquist
    March 23, 2020 5:59 pm

    The same phone issues over much of Montana as the kids are not in school and they all have cell phones now. Verison said they are trying to expand capacity.

  • “Tin cans and string are more reliable.”


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