Montana Trout Spey

Trout Spey Gear Roundup

Ed Note: A re-post of this comprehensive Trout Spey Gear Roundup scribed by John this past month. We thought it important to post again as we now headlong into the TROUT2H Season. Swing Season has arrived! SWING SEASON 20-21 October…
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Sage Trout Spey HD

“Swing Season” is just around the corner, and we’ve even been out doing some prospecting with our ultra-light Spey Rods already. While we’re still in the middle of dry fly season, we’re starting to get some tackle questions revolving around…
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ACR Nova Closeout!

Anderson Custom Rods (ACR) has been slowly replacing their popular Nova series Spey Rods with the new “Nova 2” series. Last spring we received the 3 and 4 weights, but the 2 weight was a while in coming. But it’s…
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